All you need to know about the fish

All you need to know about the fish

Choosing good quality fish is simple when you comprehend what to search for. A basic assessment of fish choices at your nearby supermarket or fish market will disclose to you whether the fish is pre-frozen or fresh; taken care of appropriately or inappropriately; unhealthy or healthy. We either purchase appropriately treated fish, or we don’t purchase fish by any means. This is what you have to know for your next fish shopping trip.

All you need to know about the fish and types of the fish

Redgill charm: 

Brilliant red gills/splendid pink or red on a fish means its fresh. A dull shading is an old fish. The red colour is regularly applied to the gills to show up fresh, so be careful. 

Eyes :

The speediest method to tell if a fish is fresh or not is through its eyes. They ought to be splendid, clear, and stout as though the students are brimming with life. On the off chance that the eyes look indented and dim then it must be an indication that the fish has been there for a really long time. 


Does the fish smell fresh and clean, or does it emit a foul odour? A decent fish must smell briny like it is crisp off the ocean. Something else, in the event that you’ve recognized any surprising aroma then the fish has most likely begun to decay. 

Scales :

A gleaming, metallic scale is a decent sign that the fish is fresh and a good catch. Yet, to truly test its freshness, you should run off your hands through its scales and watch if they easily fall off. On the off chance that the scales are not as firm as it ought to be, you should search for another fish. 


Your fish must spring back to its unique shape after it’s delicately squeezed. In the event that the substance is excessively delicate and somewhat sinks through your finger, the fish should as of now be turning awful. 

Tails and fins:

The tails and fins can likewise show whether the fish is crisp or not. These parts are normally the first to break when the entire fish is inappropriately taken care of. Removed, dried, and weak tails and fins should make you think if the fish is still useful for cooking.

Fish Glossary:


Tamil- Nethili, Thogai, Meen,Nethai

Kannada- Bolingei, Kollathuru

Malayalam- Nethili, Kozhuva

Other-Phansa(bengali) purasa, Dinasi, Motyala ,Onaga

Barracuda, Sea Pike

Malayalam- Neduva, Koduva, Cheela, Thiruthakkadian, Sheelavu, Thinda

Tamil- Sheela, Ooli Meen, Pilinjan, Cheela, Goli, Gola, Oozha, Seela


Kannada- Obantol, Kanaki

Hindi/ Marati- Ghalse, Badvi, Badri, Jaban Tal

Arabic-Al Gidd, Agam, Al Kebeer, Sabaat

Bluefin Trevally

Malayalam- Vatta, Kuluvel, Oyupara, Maduthala

Tamil- Paarai

Telugu-Kurugu Paarah

Hindi/ Marati- Shitap

Catfish, Silurus

Malayalam- Valia Etta, Etta, Kaari, Mushi, Thendu Kadu 

Tamil-Kelluthi, Mandai, Kaleru, Irung Keletee, Kellettee, Keliru

Telugu-Jelalu, Walaga, Tedi Jella

Kannada- Thede, Walshingala, Walshingti

Hindi/ Marati- Teesrya, Shimplya, Nal Shingala

Arabic-Chim Khen, Kumal

Bombay Duck

Malayalam- Bummuli


Telugu-Vanamattalu, Cocomutta

Hindi/ Marati- Bombil, Bummalo


Malayalam- Kakka, Eninthti

Tamil-Chippi, Kilingal, Vaazhi, Vazhukkumatti

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