Allied wallet : Paving the path for Online Payment Solutions in Acquisition International

allied wallet : Paving the path for Online Payment Solutions in Acquisition International
allied wallet : Paving the path for Online Payment Solutions in Acquisition International

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Ahmad Khawaja, is a global leading provider of online payment solutions. The company also deals in different multi-currency merchant services. The CEO along with Allied Wallet also got recognition as a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. Ahmad Khawaja was recently featured in an issue of Acquisition International. Allied Wallet was also awarded as Customized Payment Solutions Provider of the year. 

Acquisition International takes pride in identifying and honoring the most successful companies in the world. The company is even rewarded with success and achievement. They release their own publication that holds the details of all the latest news in the business and corporate finance industry. 

The issue even featured an exclusive interview between the Acquisition International and CEO Ahmad Khawaja in an article. It was entitled as the, “Leading the Way in Online Payment Processing.” The CEO also worked towards making a way for the online payment solutions, so as to assure the growth of the company. Today, it ranks at the top of the list of companies in the digital payments industry.

Messiah of e-commerce: As titled by the Acquisition International

The CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja, is also regarded as the ‘messiah of e-commerce’ by the Acquisition International refers to him. He has grown from a scratch and the best thing about this man is that he is known for specializing in security and global payment processing. He is also known among more than 100 million users all over the world. 

The CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja had to encounter a lot of struggle and he says that it was never easy to grow. He faced all the challenges with a lot of confidence, and all that he has made today is the reward of the battle that he had overcome. Ahmad Khawaja said that even though he had to face so many rejections along the way, he was so determined about his work that he never gave up. He faced all the hurdles and did not deny any of them. He never had an intention to escape from any situation, no matter how hard it was!

Allied Wallet known for its technological advances in fraud protection and security

Allied Wallet offers an industry-low fraud rate of 0.02%. The company assures protection to the business owners with state-of-the-art fraud protection and security. He said that with all his experiences throughout his life, he has learned that customers always prefer to avail security while processing their transactions, and thus, that’s what he thought to sell. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja and Allied Wallet have influenced a lot of people and now, Allied Wallet stands at the forefront of the billion-dollar world of online credit card transactions. He is extremely proud to see the success of the company today, and he agrees that it is all about teamwork and dedication of the team, without which it would have never been possible.

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