Are customized folding boxes beneficial anymore? 7 shocking facts

Folding boxes were and still are the most beneficial product packages. If somebody asks you if they are beneficial anymore, you can instantly say ‘yes.’ Not only are they easy to use but also good for the environment. They are sustainable, have good printing capabilities, and unlimited customization options. Let us tell you some shocking facts about foldable packages that make them still useful.

Adaptability with creativity

The first and foremost reason why the premium foldable bags still come in handy is that they can be easily tailored into any desired shape. Their sizes, designs, and shapes can be altered by using modern technological tools. The popular shapes include gable, flip top, sleeve, window, takeaway food, and tuck-end packages. Consumers love using the custom packaging that can be opened easily and yet have an extraordinary appeal to it. The balance maintained between the quality and creativity inspires the customers a lot.

Highly strong despite being flexible

There is no truth in the saying that paperboard packaging does not provide strength and durability. The fact is that despite being foldable, these packages are robust. The materials they are made from and the additional protective layers ensure that they do not collapse on impact. Fine quality paperboard or solid cardboard involved in the production of custom packaging provides maximum protection and resistance to high-end products. This is also why it is still in use.

Support recycling and reuse

What is better than green packaging to entice the environment-concerned audience? What is better than using packages that can save you millions, even in infuriatingly expensive times? It might blow your mind, but yes! Cheap folding boxes are the genuine rescuers. They can be renewed, recycled, and reused. Their flexibility does not mean they can be used only once. They can be reused several times before actually being discarded for domestic as well as official purposes. They are obtained from natural resources, i.e., trees in the form of paper pulp or fiber. Thus they can be recycled and used to produce new personalized boxes.

Additional protective material

An important thing about collapsible packages that are often overlooked by people is the additional material inserted in them that provides them sustainability. To better perform against compression and atmospheric effects, columns of air are added. Inserts, slots, dividers made of paperboard are added to hold the item in place. Furthermore, custom printed folding boxes have void fillers or cushioning materials to fill the empty spaces with elegance. All these things together make them a suitable package for keeping fragile items.

Affordable processing

Yes! You heard it right. Foldable packages are cost-efficient and power-efficient too. Unlike rigid boxes, it is easier to print these package made of paper or kraft. As they are made from cheap biomaterials, their printing and manufacturing costs are low as well. No expensive or heavy machinery is required in the production of printed folding boxes. Simple and individual die-cut machines can be used to print them. There are lesser chemicals involved, as they are usually kraft brown or plain white in color. Thus, they can be printed and assorted with ease.

Good graphics and absorbing capability

Consumers nowadays want to obtain sophisticated packaging that has a lower cost but good quality. They prefer flexible over rigid ones. To avoid spending thousands on luxurious product packages, they go for an inexpensive solution – custom printed folding boxes. They have a strong ability to absorb colors and hold high-resolution graphics. Die-cut procedures allow uniform printing over plenty of packages. Various printing techniques, such as laser, lithography, and flexography, can be used to give them an aesthetic touch.

Flexible packages wholesale

Long gone are the days when consumers had to get a few packages manufactured at high prices for their business products. Now they can save cost and money by utilizing collapsible holders. Wholesale folding boxes can be purchased from online or in-store suppliers in bulk quantities at reduced prices. Also, when it comes to transit, their shipment costs reduce as they can be folded, flattened, and stacked easily. This way, they take less space and allow easy storage of other items. If this is not more than a top benefit of using them even nowadays, then what else could be?

With all the above facts considered, there is no point in debating over whether the customized folding boxes are beneficial anymore. Since their advent, they have been providing ease to the consumers and sellers. Modifications and more user-friendly features are being added to them each new day. Their future is still bright and eminent, as nobody wants to let go of cost-effective and assorted custom packages. 

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