Best online Escape Room Ideas for Professional Puzzle Solvers

Digital escape rooms are best to spark your imagination. Today we will discuss some fantastic ideas about the escape rooms for professional puzzle solvers. By reading our discussion, you will be able to design your unique puzzles. If you copy these ideas for your escape room, no doubt your escape room will attract lots of customers itself. 

Online escape room themes:

Zombie virtual escape room theme:

Arrangement of zombie’s theme in the escape room will enhance your customer’s imagination of escaping the room without becoming the zombie food. Zombie escape room in the loop chicago is a very challenging escape room where you are trapped with zombies. Zombies escape room theme will offer an exhilarating adventure to your customers.

The theme of Mystery Novel Escape Room:

The setup of a mystery novel escape room will enhance the player’s inspiration only in one synopsis. Classic mystery novel escape room is the perfect theme for finding plenty of information.

Jigsaw puzzles theme:

There are lots of variations in this type of puzzle. Tore up pieces of the hidden message in the room, and the customer has to find them and assemble them and sometimes have to solve a jigsaw puzzle to find a code.

Color Matching Puzzles theme:

This theme of color matching will be exciting for your customers. It is another game designer clue that tends to hide up in plain sight. In this room, customers have to arrange the color to one sequence. 

Harry potter virtual escape room theme:

The Harry Potter-themed escape room sydney cbd was settled as an inspiration from the Harry Potter movie, and this idea brings positive facts for an escape room. So, you should also establish the theme of harry, potter, especially in the coronavirus pandemic. This theme is a perfect idea for an escape room.

Clue Murder Mystery theme:

It will be a very captivating escape room theme. In such a kind of escape room, the customers have to find clues to solve the murder crime. The consumers solve many puzzles for the solution of crime within 60 minutes.

Secret trap door theme:

The secret trap door theme will be a fascinating puzzle for the customer. Some technology is required for such an escape room, but this will be a handy theme. The customer will see amazement when they get their first glimpse at what is hidden inside the mysterious door or room. This game design will be very creative because sometimes you can hide something inside the wall’s panel.   

Shadow puzzles Theme:

A Bit more technology is required for this puzzle theme. But this will be a very creative and fun theme. This visual puzzle will amaze everyone who manages to solve it. A flashlight is operated on a stationary object to guide you to get a series of locations or clues.

Traditional word puzzles:

This theme is like algebra and mathematics puzzles that often need outside knowledge, and some do not possess it. You have to manage various crossword puzzles in the escape room. This idea will be very creative and exciting for your customer. 

Flip the switch idea:

Light switch clues will be very cool to attract the people towards itself. It will be a very excellent way to challenge a team in the escape room. The customer never thinks to mess with something as standard as the light switch on the wall and rarely suppose it to be a part of the game. You can use fixed placed lights to enhance some unique clues once the switch has been turned, or maybe the switch powers something as unthinking as one of those spooky secret doors.

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