Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Best Quotes From Villains (Right Before They Died)


In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy has had to face a wide variety of demons and things that go bump-in-the-night. Vampires, though they are the most frequent offenders for our slayer, are just the tip of the iceberg. Buffy has to face demons, warlocks, ghosts, and even Demi-Gods.

In addition to her super strength, Buffy also has super-wit, which she uses to exchange banter with her opponents, and sometimes, her opponents are able to match the slayer’s wits, giving the audience some great and memorable one-liners.

10 “You laugh when my hell is on earth?” – The Master

When the Master comes to Sunnydale with plans to open the Hellmouth, it seems as though Buffy has met her match. The Master is the ultimate vampire with the strength and mind games to take down even the strongest slayer, and he’s successful.
The Master kills Buffy and leaves her to drown, but Xander and Angel find Buffy just in time to save her and when she comes back, she is twice as strong. Buffy and the Master fight, Buffy overpowers him, and these are the Master’s final words.
9 “What’s that do?” – The Judge

In season two, once Angel has lost his soul and gone back to fighting for the evil side, he, along with his old friends, Drusilla and Spike, decide to give Buffy a birthday present in the shape of a powerful demon they call, “The Judge”.

The Judge is very strong and powerful and “no weapon forged” could ever destroy him. Buffy realizes that may have been the case centuries ago, but in the late ’90s, it seems as though a bazooka would do the trick, which is what Buffy aims at her opponent and right before she pulls the trigger, he asks, “What’s that do?”

8 “I love you.” – Angel

In what is arguably one of the saddest moments in television history, Buffy must kill Angel to save the rest of the world. Angel has been evil for a while and Buffy has gotten used to the fact that he’s no longer the man she fell in love with and never will be again.
Buffy and Angel fight and it looks like Buffy is going to win, but just when she’s about to end things, Angel’s soul comes back, but t’s too late, the gates of hell have already been open and the only way to close them is to kill Angel. Buffy tells Angel she loves him, he says it back, and Buffy stabs him.
7 “Oh my… what did-? My pills?” – Zachary Kralick

Zachary is the crazy vampire the Watcher’s Council sets Buffy up with after giving her a serum that takes away her slayer strength. It’s supposed to be a test for the slayer, but it goes horribly wrong and Buffy is set up to fend for herself against the psychotic vampire with onset migraines, who constantly needs to take pills to curb his headaches.

Knowing she can’t kill Zachary with her strength, Buffy decides to outsmart the demon by filling his water glass with holy water, which he drinks.

6 “Slayer, you think you’ve won. When he rises, you’ll wish I killed you all.” – Balthazar

Balthazar is an obese, demon living in a tub with minions who have to constantly pour water on him to keep him comfortable. In the episode called, “Bad Girls”, Buffy with help from Angel and Giles, faces Balthazar and his demon friends.
Balthazar has powers that grab Angel and when Buffy sees Angel in Balthazar’s grasp, she acts fast to save him. Buffy spots an electric cable over Balthazar’s tub and pulls the cable down to electrocute the demon, but before he dies, he leaves the slayer with an ominous threat.
5 “I guess we’ll just skip to the big finish.” – The Mayor

The Mayor of Sunnydale has big, evil plans for Graduation Day. Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang prepare to face their Mayor and now whatever he has planned is big and they must put a stop to it.

The Mayor is giving a speech to Buffy and her graduation class, when suddenly, a solar eclipse happens. As soon as the moon, covers the sun, the mayor begins to change, but he’s disappointed because he had more of his speech to give. Nevertheless, the mayor turns in a large, snake-like demon the graduates must fight.

4 Screams From The Gentlemen

The most terrifying Buffy villains of all time are definitely the demons known as “The Gentlemen”. These bones, well-dressed creatures, float down the halls of UC Sunnydale, stealing the hearts of whomever, unfortunately, crosses their path.
This episode is completely silent, with no dialogue, making it even more terrifying. The Gentlemen are so scary, they don’t need words or wit to intimidate their victims and opponents. When Buffy faces them, she screams, breaking the silence, and The Gentlemen scream back before they explode.
3 “Interesting… Very interesting.” – Adam

Adam is a hybrid of evil. He is part man, part demon, part vampire, and his strength is aided by advanced technology. He’s a demon, made in a lab, by a mad scientist and proves to be one of Buffy’s strongest villains in the entire series.

It takes magic that gives Buffy, God-like strength, for her to be able to defeat him. Willow and the rest of the Scooby gang put a spell on Buffy to give her the strength she needs against Adam. When the spell kicks in, Buffy’s eyes change, she chants in a strange language and is able to thwart all of Adam’s advances, which Adam finds confusing, to say the least.

2 “She could’ve killed me.” – Glory/Ben

In the season five finale, Buffy, carrying a large, Thor-like hammer, fights Glory once and for all. The fight lasts for a while, Glory is the strongest villain Buffy has every faced because she is a God, but Buffy is more than ready to put an end to her nemesis.
Buffy beats Glory until she can’t move anymore and Glory turns back to Ben. Once Buffy sees Ben in front of her, a human, she stops fighting. Ben knows she could kill him and he points that out to Giles, right before Giles finishes Ben off.
1 “You came pretty close to smacking me down. What more do you want?” -The First Evil

In the series finale, Buffy has trained an army of slayers to take on the first evil, who can take any form and is currently taking Buffy’s. During the battle, Buffy is stabbed in the abdomen and it doesn’t look good.
She falls to the ground, face first and tells Faith to “hold the line”, but when Buffy is approached by the evil, it gives her more strength to fight back, she rises to her feet and joins her army and though a lot of lives are lost, including Spike’s, Buffy and her team are successful at defeating the evilest thing she’s ever faced.
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