Chicken snacks for parties with friends

The summer season is perfect for getting together with friends! Beautiful warm weather encourages the preparation of picnics and barbecues, however… how long can you go on? Time for a revolution in the menu of summer meetings!

Coated chicken – surprise your friends!

Grilled sausages, shashliks and salads dominate the summer tables at meetings with friends! Time to surprise your guests! Holly Powder, the producer of chicken coating, offers fantastic solutions. Holly Powder suggests how to change the menu for an unconventional one when planning a picnic or a party at home, sharing proven and easy recipes! Here are some ideas.

Something light to start – chicken salad with breaded chicken

The perfect dish to get the party started! Fresh, seasonal vegetables, fresh, light and non-fattening accompanied by flavorful chicken in a crispy coating! How to make it. Prepare the following ingredients:

– your favorite lettuce (or lettuce mix),

– tomato,

– green cucumber,

– red onion,

– olives,

– feta cheese (mozzarella works great here too),

– chicken breast,

– chicken coating,

– favorite seasonings for chicken (coating manufacturer Holly Powder recommends their marinades).

Start by preparing the vegetables: wash, peel and chop them, placing them together ready to use in a bowl. Slice the cheese, add the olives.

At the end prepare the chicken. Cut the fillet into strips weighing about 25/30 g, season the meat and coat according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

CAUTION: Due to the unique coating method, the characteristic appetizing flakes appear on the meat already at the moment of coating.

Heat oil in a deep fryer to 170°C. Fry the strips for approx. 3,5 minutes.

You can put the chicken pieces whole on the salad or cut them into smaller pieces. Serve with your favorite dressing.

* You can prepare the salad with your favorite ingredients. Coated chicken will be a perfect addition to many compositions!

Anyone want more? Here you go!

Have your guests been so surprised by the golden, crispy coating that they want more? Not surprising! Whether you’re watching the game, going on a picnic or having drinks in the garden prepare the best breaded chicken snacks! What do we offer? Strips and wings! Mild or spicy you choose! And what to add to them! All you need is some sauces! What you need to prepare:

– chicken fillet,

– chicken wings,

– chicken seasoning (you can use ready-made marinades from Holly Powder),

chicken batter mix,

– sauces

Cut and coat the meat according to the instructions of the coating producer and then fry. Serve on plates, boards or baskets with sauces!

What sauces do we recommend? The reliable BBQ for American wings! Almost everyone loves it. Classic garlic, tomato or red paprika salsa. You can prepare the sauces yourself or use ready-made ones available in grocery stores.

Remember: Strips and breaded wings remain crispy for a long time, so they are perfect both on a trip and during long evenings with friends!

Appetite grows with eating

Breaded chicken snacks can work up an appetite! Based on breaded strips you can prepare many interesting dishes. How about chicken burgers? Tortilla? As with the salad, choose your favorite toppings and sauces and compose dishes to which you will often return!


Do you have a waffle iron at home? We offer you an absolute hit – dry waffles! In this version they are becoming more and more popular in trendy restaurants around the world. Prepare dry waffles, spread your favorite sauce on them, add lettuce, vegetables, cheddar cheese and breaded nuggets, top with some more sauce and … the dish is ready!

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