Choose the right furniture accessories

Let’s face it – choosing home furniture accessories is a piece of cake. There are tons of things to check: dimensions, style, colors, compatibility … And you have to be careful with the prices! Is there a way to do it all faster and easier? Of course it is – the Furnica online store comes with the solution.

Furnica – choose furniture accessories at a low price

The Furnica company was founded in Great Britain, but after many years of operation, it is now a store operating throughout the European Union and beyond. It has over a dozen offices in Europe and an office in the United States. It all started with a small family business that involved the production and sale of furniture parts, such as chair legs.

Today Furnica is associated as a huge wholesaler, but in fact there is much more to discover in there. First of all, anyone can shop in the online store. And the same low wholesale prices apply to everyone, no matter how many products they order. The low threshold of free shipping also tempts new customers who are just getting to know Furnica furniture accessories.

Huge selection of various furniture accessories in one place

What do we care about when we want to renovate a kitchen or apartment? When we assemble individual kitchen cabinets or want to modernize them? Well, it’s all about proper furniture accessories. In the Furnica store with fittings and furniture parts you will find all the products you need urgently. When checking your collection, you can use convenient selection tools to help you find the perfect item. For example, when you are interested in buying door hinges, you can easily define some of the parameters that are important to you, such as material (e.g. nickel, steel, ZnAl), opening angle, side, dimensions etc. But, on the other hand, you are free to browse the wide selection of hinges and choose the one from the long list of items. And when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, you can use simple animations to help you define what you need. Whether you are looking for a 180-degree or 130-degree hinge, whether you need a nickel-plated or powder-coated steel piece, it will guide you easily.

Order and receive it immediately

Furniture accessories are the category in which the most so-called combined purchases are made. We rarely buy one type of item (because if we do renovation, etc., we usually need different products), so it’s good to find everything we need in the store. Furnica knows it very well, so we can easily compose a whole set of furniture accessories. We will pay little for all the elements of your order, because wholesale prices apply (also for single orders!). An important advantage is that we can order from Furnica from virtually any country in Europe. The same store is designed for everyone. It is worth checking for yourself how Furnica works to quickly order all fittings and furniture accessories if necessary!

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