Common Dog Health Problems

People love keeping dogs as pets and why won’t they, dogs are one the cutest creatures present on this planted and they deserve our love and attention but sadly in some cases people adopt dogs but are unaware of how they have to look after them.

Dogs, like all other animals, are prone to diseases. These problems can range from, digestive, skin, and dental issues. Most of these conditions cause discomfort to our furry faithful partner, and some can also be fatal if not treated right at the earlier stages but with the invention of CBD for dogs, all the following problems can be sorted.

1) Itchiness, one of the most common issues amongst dogs of all ages is itchiness on the skin, which leads to inflamed, reddish parts of the skin. Often, the coat appears dull, dry, and flaky. With time, this can cause the dog to lose some hair from its fur on the affected areas. Skin infections can be a cause of allergies or parasites. In worse cases, dogs start to shed excessively.

2) Diarrheais another common problem in dogs, which straightforwardly is due to intestinal parasites, food allergies, or viral infections. Antibiotics and bland food such as boiled rice and chicken in small quantities can help improve the dog’s digestion and recover from the problem.

3) Dental diseasesare common in older and senior dogs, and if left untreated, they can lead to tooth loss, excessive drooling, and gum inflammation. Several dental care solutions and toothpaste are readily available to tackle the problem. Brushing a dog’s teeth once a week is enough to kill the bacteria and prevent any dental issue to occur.

4) Obesityis also one of the most common health problems, causing the dog to be overweight, resulting in joint pain and inactivity. Diabetes and heart problems are an added risk. It is very common in Labradors and Golden retrievers. However, it is easy to prevent by regular exercise and a balanced moderate diet.

5) Wormsare a very common problem, especially in puppies. These can vary from tapeworms, roundworms to hookworms and cause a disrupted digestive system. Oral prescriptions prescribed by the veterinary can help control the problem.

6) Tick And Fleas, most dogs often suffer from tick and fleas. This can be a seasonal issue, especially in tropical areas. Ticks or fleas are attached to the skin of the dog, and make the dog vulnerable to disease. The female tick is quick to reproduce, and thus, the problem should be addressed at a very early stage. Tick sprays and medicated shampoos can help kill the ticks. Medicated collars and injections can also be used for smaller breeds and puppies.

7) Ear Infections, last but not least ear infections cause dogs to scratch their ears repetitively and shake their head. Infectious ears can be painful and can cause odor because of a certain discharge. If left untreated, the problem can grow into a severe one. Severe diseases like Parvovirus and Hip dysplasia cause extreme discomfort to dogs and should be given medical attention immediately.

HD/ED (Hip/elbow) is common in the German shepherd breed and might need to be treated surgically. Whereas, parvo is very common in puppies, and can be fatal most of the time. It is contagious and leads to an immediate decline in the dog’s health.

Take Care Of Your Dogs.
These are all common health-related issues in dogs, but with proper care, they can be taken control of. Timely vaccinations, deworming, and monthly regular health checkups should be carried out to make sure your friendly companion stays healthy and active.

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