East Homemade Healthy Palak Paneer Recipe

palak paneer recipe

Palak paneer is a favorite Indian delicacy. It is a vegetarian, gluten-free dish made with paneer in a creamy, buttery, and mouth-watering spinach gravy. In this post, the palak paneer recipe will be well-described. This rich and versatile dish is readily served with basmati rice, laccha paratha, butter naan, roti, jeera rice kulcha, ghee rice, or roti.

Palak paneer

Palak paneer is an all-time favorite curry best delicacy originated from North India. It incorporates fresh ingredients like spices, tomatoes, onions, paneer, spinach, and herbs. The super delicious yet quality ingredients make it a very healthy food. But the creamy smooth green sauce or curry would not feel like a typical healthy food when the paneer melts in the mouth.

There can be different versions of the palak paneer recipe. Some people despise it because of its look, but once you try it, you won’t be able to resist.

Some individuals can say that palak paneer recipes taste weird because the version they have cooked was, for some reason, bitter. This can happen if you do not blanch the spinach or if you overcook your puree.

In this palak paneer recipe, we have defused that problem to make your palak paneer the best.

The recipe

First, take the essential herbs and all the necessary ingredients.

Then start preparing the curry. First, blanch all the fresh spinach. Then pour it into the blender to puree the spinach. When the spinach gets thoroughly boiled, add some ice-cold water. It presents the color of the spinach intensifies, making it a bright fresh green throughout.

The curry should be made using fresh onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, and spinach puree. You can use a few more cloves of garlic. It will always blend deliciously well with the ginger spinach, tomato, and onion in the puree.

However, if you want to keep it very basic, you can only use onion and spinach cutting down on the garlic and the ginger. If you wonder whether cutting down or skipping all these ingredients will influence the taste, do not worry. It will be just fine and yummy.

You can also use your handmade paneer for the best recipe. It will taste the best because of the freshness.

But don’t worry if you are using paneer brought from the stores. Just make sure it’s fresh. Then soak it into some lukewarm water with salt for 45 minutes straight. Then only start the cooking process. It makes the readymade paneer soft. You can lightly fry the cubes of paneer in ghee until it’s golden brown.

Because spinach is a little bitter by itself, you should use a tsp of sugar and fresh cream to diffuse the bitterness.

Conclusion: It is important to recognize the fact that eating good and tasty food does not mean that you would have to eat junk, as this is just a misconception. When it comes to home-cooked food, it can be really tasty and for sure palak paneer is considered to be one of the tastiest recipes ever today. Follow the recipe which is mentioned above, and we are sure you would actually really enjoy the scrumptious meal.

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