Everything You Need to Know About Branded Generics

When we purchase drugs online or at the store, we do not put that much thought into it. For us, the main factor is in the name. When we remember it and when we know it has a good reputation, we get it.

You may not know it, but branded generics are probably the main drugs you purchase. What is the difference between branded drugs and branded generics? Have you ever heard of it? If not, keep reading to be more informed and learn the difference.

What Are Branded Generics?

Branded generics are off-patent drugs that manufacturers sell under a brand name. The outcome is that it offers value to healthcare workers and patients alike. The desire is that it will make individuals pick it.

For example, one branded drug, Trimox, is sold as amoxicillin (generic name). These are names consumers recognize and buy, which adds on to customer loyalty.

Another way to understand this is that branded generics is brand-name drugs. It’s essentially the same as the original (innovator) brand. However, the moment that the brand gets off-patent, it is marketed under a different business brand name.

It does not use the generic name. Branded drugs receive the same marketing methods as branded drugs.

Different Types of Generics

It can be easy to confuse branded generics, authorized generics, and unbranded generics. Branded generics are most likely to get confused with authorized generics. The main difference is the branded generics must also undergo FDA approval once branded drug patents are no longer valid.

In contrast, authorized generics are made by those who create the branded drugs under the same New Drug Approval, or NDA,  authorization as the original. These drugs may be sold prior to patent expiration dates.

A branded generic undergoes an ANDA approval process and costs more than ordinary generics, but less than the branded version. One branded generic is Norvasc.

Generic brand names are the most popular and known. If you want to get access to these drugs at a good price, you can see more here.

An authorized generic undergoes an original drug NDA approval process and costs more than ordinary generics, but less than the branded version. One authorized generic is amlodipine besylate by Greenstone.

An unbranded generic undergoes an ANDA approval process and gets sold following branded drug patent expiration like branded generics. Overall, it is cheaper compared to authorized or branded drugs. One unbranded generic is amlodipine (various manufacturers).

Branded Generics Are Profitable and Lucrative

When most people think about a drug name they are most likely to remember branded generics. These are the main drugs stores, billboards, and ads promote. The price range for these drugs fall in the middle and are most affordable for consumers.

Since consumers are most likely to buy these drugs, they remain in high demand which profits the manufacturers who make them. This makes it the perfect “give and take” between the two.

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