Expert Tips and Tricks on How to Pick a Pillow for an Amazing Night’s Sleep

Expert Tips and Tricks on How to Pick a Pillow for an Amazing Night's Sleep

Trouble with sleep can branch out and impact your entire life in a negative way. A big piece of your comfort level through the night is the quality of your pillow.

We aren’t always given the information we need to choose a pillow correctly, though. Most people just run to the store, grab the one they think looks comfiest, and goes on to sleep on it for a number of months. It turns out that some people should take a few more precautions before making their choice.

We’re going to explore how to pick a pillow in this article, giving you some ideas as to what you can do to improve your sleep by making the right choice. Let’s get started.

How to Pick a Pillow that Works for You

First things first, let’s discuss the purpose of a pillow. It should be as comfortable as possible, but its foundational job is to keep your back, neck, and head in line. Your spine’s natural curve should be aligned with the help of your pillow.

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, there are ways for you to sleep while keeping your spine in good standing.

The tricky thing is that those who repeatedly sleep in those positions should use pillows that support those types of sleep. People who sleep on their backs should seek out mid-sized pillows that are able to conform to the pressure placed upon them.

A standard-sized memory foam pillow, for example, would be great for back sleepers. Mid-size pillows allow your head to rest without curving your neck up or back, and the memory foam provides the comfort needed to keep you in place.

Side sleepers should seek out a higher-loft pillow with more firmness. The high loft will keep your back aligned without any extra interruption from your shoulders. Firmness will help your head stay in place and not sink down through the night.

If you’re sleeping on your stomach, a soft and low-loft pillow is the way to go. Too much support or firmness will actually move your spine into an uncomfortable situation. Mostly, you want something that doesn’t interfere with the spine’s arch and is comfortable.

Extra Features to Consider

Think about whether you get too warm or cold as you sleep. Those who are warm at night might consider pillows that allow for more airflow. If you’re someone with an issue like sleep apnea, explore Polysleep products to find tailor-made solutions.

Also, if you can’t find particular pillows that work for your sleeping position, try combining two smaller pillows to see if those fit your needs. Adding a pillow here and there can work to supplement your sleeping needs if you’re having issues.

You can, for example, place a small pillow under the rib cage if you’re a side sleeper. This will support your spine and keep you even more aligned than a single pillow would.

Need More Sleep Tips?

Hopefully, you have a better idea of how to choose a pillow now. If you’re still interested in learning about the different types of pillows, though, we’re here to help.

Explore our site for more insights and ideas on ways to improve your sleep as soon as possible!

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