Finding Love and Harmony on Dating Sites

You might still remember the day when online dating became a thing and when you thought of trying it yourself were definitely anxious. As you were not very sure if you would find the person you look for at the dating site or not. You just took a leap of faith and went dating but could not find any desirable people on the website. However, there are many dating websites which can change your dating life for good.

Dating Site Features

Many people in the community have found their true companion through trusted dating sites such as eHarmony. If you are interested in long term relationship and true love you can surely visit this website. It has a very strong matching option which will provide you the best experience. Listed below are some key features and relevant information on how to present yourself on the dating website so that you can find love online.

  • Smiley Option: This important option gives you a way to express yourself without saying anything in words.
  • Favorites: If you like someone you can add them to the favorite list on the eHarmony website.
  • What-If Option: This feature gives you 30 profiles who you can connect with and check if you can have a conversation with them.
  • Sending Question: You also can use the feature to ask questions to other members to begin a conversation. This is a free feature and can be used by any member of the dating site and does not have any limit to ask questions.


There are around 200 countries who use the eHarmony website out of which 53% are males and 47 % are females. People who use this website are frequent users and there is a serious competition to get the right match. Most of the members are from the age range of 25 to 34 years who are looking for long term relationship.

Signing Up On The Website: It does take a lot of time to register your account on this website. You will be filling a lot of surveys and have to take compatibility tests. This is required because the team needs to find a suitable match for you. Then comes the part where you need to provide your email on the website for verification process.

Profiles: After you create the eHarmony profile. You can update your information on the website and make changes if you wish too later. You can elaborate your information and write about yourself in the About Me section. You are allowed to visit profile of other members and are allowed to use the compatibility feature if the other person shares the same views as yours. An optional feature is the Q & A feature that helps you respond to the questions and respond to them that are posted on your profile by other members. This feature is the best method to find your compatibility with the other user. If you are a paid member you get to know about people who are matching to your profile and the non-matching ones. So, you can narrow down the search and enjoy the features to the best.

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