Five ways to identify quality elevator shoes

quality elevator shoes
quality elevator shoes

What is the essence of style without quality? Wearing a beautifully designed shoe that is of poor quality could be very embarrassing and awful. However, getting that right elevator shoe saves you the stress of putting up with such unpleasant situations. You can find the best of elevator shoes collection from Italy online. 

Italy is one of the world’s best makers of quality elevator shoes. Quality is the watchword for those who desire top quality elevator shoes. In an era where counterfeiting and mass production has become the order of the day, the quality of shoes is being compromised, leaving the market saturated with inferior shoes. Nonetheless, some shoe brands, such as, are stepping up the bar in delivering top quality elevator shoes for men. And if we talk about quality breathing sneakers, Loom Footwear tops in the list. Made with the highest quality material, Loom’s vegan & smart running shoes are the best when it comes to providing ultimate comfort & support to your feet.

Ways to Identify top quality elevator shoes for men 

There are several ways to identify top-quality elevator shoes.  The following are ways to identify and recognize top elevator shoes.

#1. Brand 

Quality is synonymous with the brand. Some people make the mistake of purchasing poor quality elevator shoes simply because they don’t have a brand in mind. Most well-known brands are known for making quality elevator shoes for men. These top shoe companies have invested so much in their brand name so that you can get the best quality elevator shoes. 

You need a top brand elevator shoe that produces handcrafted elevator shoes of topmost quality. Quality shoes are made from high grained Italian leather with the perfect mastery touch to produce that shoe with great quality. To save you the stress of buying poor quality elevator shoes, we recommend you buy your elevator shoes from top trusted brands that represent quality. 

#2. Quality of the upper materials 

The quality of the upper material determines to a large extent on how long your shoe would last. The upper material is the top part of the shoe above the outsole. A quality elevator shoe is made of top quality leather. On the other hand, poor quality elevator shoes have their upper parts made from low quality leather or plastic. 

Even with repeated wear, shoes whose uppers are made from quality leather remain attractive even after a long time. For casual elevator shoes, go for the ones whose upper material is made from top-quality high-grained leather. Similarly, good quality elevator dress shoes should be made from fine leather such as calfskin or scotch grain leather. Ensure you buy elevator shoes that have material of which the upper is made from, is disclosed. 

#3. Construction quality

To know quality elevator shoes, then look closely at the construction quality of the shoe. Shoes are constructed either by stitching or gluing the upper materials to the outsoles. Top-quality elevator shoes are stitched, and they tend to last longer and may require only a minor repair over time. On the other hand, glued elevator shoes are not top quality. They cannot be repaired or resoled, which makes them a bad choice. 

#4.Quality of production 

The quality of production is a major factor to look out for while purchasing that elevator shoe. Top-quality elevator shoes are handcrafted and designed to give the wearer that perfect fit and feel. On the other hand, poor quality elevator shoes are mass-produced and do not have the cutting edge production of great quality elevator shoes. 

#5. Price 

One of the easiest ways of identifying a shoe made from poor quality material is the price. Quality doesn’t come cheap. Good quality shoes are made from the best material available, and it doesn’t come cheap. A good looking shoe that costs below average should signal a red flag for you as the buyer. The shoe manufacturer must likely have cut corners to put up a beautiful looking shoe within that price range. However, the price could be deceiving as not all expensively priced shoes are of the best quality. Pay more attention to the construction and production quality as it can help you from falling in that trap. 

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