Freelancers Vs. Software Development Company

It is a competitive world. As companies look at attaining economies of scale, they also work towards optimizing their resources. The choice between hiring a Software development company and a freelancer is a tough one. While a software company brings in the experience and expertise of a group of developers, the freelancer focuses on ‘getting the work done’.

A traditional approach of hiring a software company would be having their engineers at your office premises. Whereas a freelancer could be based in a different part of the world, working on your project remotely.

We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hiring Freelancers


Hiring a Freelancer is always economical when compared to a company. They usually charge 30-40% less.

Time savings – Give them the requirements and scenarios, and Freelancers will just get down to work. And since there is no hierarchy to go through, they save a lot of time.

Freelance Platforms– There are a lot of platforms on which you can hire freelance software developer Hiremotely, Upwork, or Fiverr will give you an unending list of talent available to work for you.

Flexibility – Most Freelancers do not follow 9 to 5 kinds of work routines. Perils of doing your own business, they work hard towards completing the project to be able to churn quickly.

Easy to break ties – If you are not satisfied with the delivered work, the freelance listing platforms will work in your favor. They help buyers get out of contracts quickly with little or no damage.


They may disappear without notice – Although this does not happen often. However, as freelancers are individuals who do not represent a legal entity, you cannot catch them if they take off.

Quality of Work – If you interview the prospective candidate properly and take heed of reviews, the chances of landing up with a low-quality talent are less.

Maintenance & Support may not be a service that freelancers offer. You may have to find specific freelance developers who provide support services.

On the other hand, software development companies will offer expertise at a hefty price. You can enter into long-term contracts with them as they have the resources and the legal entity advantage. Depending on your need, you can weigh your options and choose the service most relevant to you.

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