Fruit Basket – The Gift of Health

Everybody has family and friends. These are people you think about all the time and love. During special occasions, these are the first guests you invite. During emergencies, these are the people who will ask about you and take care of you until you get better. One way to show your closest friends and relatives you care about them is to send them a gift hamper during the holidays, birthday, or anniversary. Most people usually think of wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks when thinking of something special to send to a loved one. A gift hamper consisting of rare wine, hard liquor or beer and tasty treats like pretzels and other snacks can make somebody’s day, but you should think outside the box. For instance, you should consider buying a basket of fruits from Express4Fruits.

Why Fruits?

Fruits are healthy. They are packed with vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates among other types of nutrients. Fruits are also tasty and can be a wonderful replacement for snacks. Instead of snacking on salted snacks and other goodies that contain processed sugars, consider eating an apple, mango, watermelon, bananas, or oranges among other types of fruits. Since most people nowadays are health conscious, you need to be careful when sending them gifts. Beer and other types of liquor are a complete no-no. Salted snacks are also not recommended. If you are conscious of the health of your loved one, consider assembling a gift basket of the freshest in-season fruits. 

What Should I Look for in a Fruit Basket?

All fruit baskets or fruit gift hampers are not equal. That is why it is crucial you consider a variety of factors when shopping for the best gift baskets. Below are some of the main factors to take into consideration during the search:

Types of Fruits

This is perhaps the most important factor of consideration when searching for the best fruit basket. You want a basket with the sweetest and most nutritious fruits. The ideal basket should also have the widest collection of fruits because you want your loved one to have something from every available fruit during the season. You can also decide to have just one or two different types of fruits in the basket. Please note that different types of fruits have different nutritional values, so the wider the variety the better. 

Quantity of Fruits

The number of fruits in a basket is just as important as the variety of fruits. You want a gift hamper with enough fruits to last your loved one a couple of days or weeks. Therefore, you should consider having several of each type of fruit. If you know your loved one loves a particular fruit, then you should have more of that fruit in the basket than other fruits. For instance, if you know someone loves mangoes and grapes, then be sure to fill their basket with those two types of fruits. You can then add a couple of other types of fruits just to make the gift hamper more colorful. 


The ideal fruit gift hamper should have the freshest fruits. You don’t want your loved one to receive fruits that have ripened excessively. Only the freshest fruits should be added to your basket. You may want to do some research to identify fruits that cannot get spoiled fast. Fortunately, refrigeration can help to preserve most fruits. 


The prices of different types of fruits differ greatly with the season. When creating a fruit gift hamper, it is crucial you compare the prices of the different types of fruits to ensure you assemble a fruit basket that will not be too expensive for you to buy. 

Other Fruit Products

In addition to fresh fruits, you may also want to add dried fruits to the gift hamper. There are also different types of fruit juices you can order with the gift basket. These juices can be refrigerated to preserve them. They can be a wonderful addition to a healthy fruit gift basket. 

It is crucial you shop around for the best gift baskets because the type of basket you send to your loved one will either improve or downgrade your relationship. Fortunately, the company has a wide range of gift baskets for you to consider. There are gift baskets as well as gift trays. The gift baskets also come in a variety of designs, so you can start by choosing a gift basket that pleases you. 

In addition to the basket of fruits and fresh juices, there are also nuts. It may be a good idea for you to include a box of assorted nuts. Most nuts are packed with healthy oils and proteins, so they are great for your health as well as the health of your loved one. 

Ideally, the gift basket should be delivered with a note containing a special message for the recipient. You can order a one-time delivery or set up a schedule for regular delivery of fruits to your loved one. For instance, you can schedule delivery of fruits, juices, and nuts at the end of every month to ensure your loved one always has a reliable supply of fresh fruits.

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