Gut Health and Hormones: How the Two Are Intrinsically Linked

If you are trying to take your health to new levels, start with the health of your gut. Several experts have written about the gut-brain connection, but it’s important to recognize that it also affects your hormones. 

When your body’s hormone levels are diminished you’ll have problems that can get you down. So what issues come into play?

Here’s how gut health has an effect on your hormone levels and other issues of wellness. 

How Gut Health Affects Your Hormones

Gut health and hormone levels are directly linked. This is why it’s so important to eat the right foods and to take herbs and other products that will keep your hormones in check. 

Consider these ways that gut health and hormones go hand in hand:

1. It Affects Your Mood and Stress Levels

It’s not uncommon to have gut issues whenever you’re stressed out. Cortisol is a hormone linked to stress levels that your body produces when you’re in a constant fight or flight state. 

When this happens, you might experience stomach pains and leaky acid in your gut. Indigestion is a symptom that many people deal with when they’re chronically stressed. 

Many people drink coffee every day to get energy, not recognizing that it can actually throw their hormones out of whack. It taps out your adrenaline glands, which creates imbalances that deplete your other hormones. 

2. Poor Gut Health Can Throw Your Estrogen Out of Whack

People that have poor gut health also experience imbalances in their estrogen levels. This happens when your gut becomes inflamed. 

As a result, you might start to experience mood swings and weight gain. Getting your gut health under control keeps your estrogen levels healthy so that you can bypass these sorts of issues. 

3. People Deal With Gut Issues When They Have an Infection

Gut health issues also serve as warning signs. For instance, people often experience problems with gut health whenever they have an infection. 

If you are experiencing gut issues out of nowhere when you have otherwise had a healthy gut, take the time to visit a physician so that you can get a clean bill of health or find out what is going on. 

4. When You Eat Unhealthily it Lowers Your Testosterone

Eating junk food will cause you to gain an inordinate amount of weight, but will also damage your hormone levels. When you’re dealing with obesity or just carrying around some extra weight, it causes your testosterone levels to go down. 

Keeping some muscle mass on your body helps with your testosterone levels while carrying high body fat causes a dip. 

It’s always important to listen to your body’s warning signs and consider your overall health. 

Sites like can sell you all sorts of herbs and other products that can help you balance your gut health. 

Take Care of Your Gut Health and Overall Health

Consider these tips to learn more about how gut health can affect you. These issues are linked, so study up on gut health and all of its implications. 

Let these tips help you and check back to learn more about health and fitness.  

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