Hire Angular Developer In 2020 Using This Detailed Guide

Welcome again to the world of developing! Time does not stand still, every day something is updated and improved, along with IT technology. The world will never be the same again because we have web development. One of the leading spheres of human activity in terms of relevance, impact and degree of involvement. Now the popularity of the Angular framework continues to grow, although it has been very popular for almost ten years. In my opinion, this is the most complete and mature framework that allows you to solve even very complex problems. Vacancies for Angular developers will always take place in the market of professions, so this topic is more relevant than ever. In this article “Hire Angular Developer In 2020 Using This Detailed Guide” you will read about the following issues: how Angular feels in 2020, what a developer should be like, a detailed guide to hiring such developers. Read on and discover something new!

Is Angular in the top of frameworks as of 2020?

JavaScript developers are often faced with the choice of which framework to use to develop a web application. In my opinion at the moment there are three popular frameworks that are actively used in the market and are developing, they are Angular, Google developer, React developer, Facebook developer, and Vue, developer Evan Yu, a former Google employee who worked with AngularJS and eventually decided to create your lightweight framework. Angular introduces not only tools, but design patterns for building a maintainable project. With the right Angular application, you will not have a confusion of classes and methods that are difficult to edit and even harder to test.

The code is conveniently structured, you can quickly understand what’s what. Angular has changed a lot, this can also be considered an advantage, especially for new projects for which this framework gives everything out of the box, you don’t need to invent anything, you don’t need to write something separate to access the backend, unlike React. In addition, Angular implements a complete SPA application. From the point of view of separating the code of View and BL, Angular is one of the best, a view can be developed by a layout designer, and BL is a developer. In Angular, almost everything is there, you do not need to invent anything new, and this is an advantage, since you can write a project of almost any complexity. A good front developer should try all three engines to decide for himself which solution is more convenient and prepare for an easier transition from one framework to another. Thus, all three engines will find application in the market and will develop simultaneously. From myself, I can say that the framework that is supported by the community, open source and is constantly developing will be popular and I think that Angular is exactly like this!

The Angular developer is on the front line with the end user, and is responsible for the external functionality of the application with which the user contacts. Angular is the main developer tool on the web, on which he performs user interface programming. The main task of a front-end developer is website layout: writing HTML-code and CSS-styles to present information in a form that is understandable to all browsers and the external correspondence of the site to the designer’s layout. It often happens that layouts do not reflect all the details of the overall idea. In this case, the front-end developer includes their design skills to take into account all the technical details and nuances.

There are many additional tools that automate the chore: Sass / SCSS, jQuery, LESS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Prototype, Ember.js, Backbone, React.js, Grunt Gulp. And the advent of Chrome Dev Tools and Firebug has increased productivity. The developer is responsible for ensuring that the site pages look the same across all browsers and match the designer’s layout. With the advent of new development tools and more modern browsers, this task is easier to solve. But the interfaces of modern sites or Internet services are becoming more complex, and the variety of devices from which users go online is constantly expanding – laptops, tablets, smartphones. Therefore, it is very important for a front-end developer, like any programmer, to be constantly aware of all the innovations and tricks in order to successfully adapt sites for new devices. Important qualities of Angular developer: analytical mind, responsibility, attention to detail, creativity, the ability to meet deadlines, the ability to work in a team, the ability to objectively assess their capabilities for solving tasks, focus on results, a constant desire to master new technologies and tools.

Employees are one of the key business resources, but finding them can be difficult, especially when it comes to IT and remote work. So, how to find such a developer in your company or for implement a new project / idea? The main recommendation is to get to know the person in person if possible. You can invite a future employee to your place or visit the city where he lives. And be sure to check the references. The rest depends on the search channel. Let’s take a look at the most useful ones.

  1. A recommendation from friends or colleagues. This option seems to be one of the most reliable as it has the background of the person making the recommendation. One of the unambiguous advantages of the method is the ability to learn more about a potential employee from people with whom he is familiar in order to more objectively evaluate the candidate. But in this case, there are enough disadvantages: if we are talking about a highly specialized professional, not every circle of friends has such. In addition, such an employee may expect special treatment, which is also not in the employer’s hands. On the other hand, an adequate specialist will not advise his own team on an incompetent candidate or someone with whom it is impossible to build a good relationship. Therefore, this approach is becoming more widespread in the IT environment. Some vacancies are very narrow, and the required specialists cannot be found by standard methods. They are not in the open looking for work, and their social media profiles are almost empty, so it is almost impossible to judge experience and skills by profile. Many high-class candidates are simply not public. In such situations, either recruiters who are familiar with this particular market or recommendations from people who know the market are needed.
  2. Social networks. Social media is another strong recruiting channel. In addition to LinkedIn, Facebook is worth a look. For this to work, I advise you to write a simple and honest text, and not an official job description. It is useful to add a relevant image so that the post is higher in the feed and attracts more attention. It is also worth asking friends to share the publication, this greatly increases the chances of finding the right person.
  3. Freelance platforms. Of the advantages of this method, a wide range of specialists of different levels can be noted, although, of course, juniors still prevail in number. The downside is the fact that not all freelancers have a sense of responsibility. For some of them, it costs nothing to take the task to work and disappear irrevocably. In addition, freelancers sometimes do not worry about the customer, because they are sure that tomorrow they will find a new one. Therefore, quality often suffers here. However, it is not worth giving up on this channel for searching specialists.
  4. Cooperation with IT courses, universities, organizations. This method has not yet gained much popularity in 2020, although it often gives good results. However, this has its own peculiarities. Recently, a lot of specialized courses and schools have appeared on the IT education market, and the quality of education in them can vary greatly. It is very important to understand the level of teachers and the educational process itself. There are certainly sensible courses. Their graduates are very interested in practice and work, so they can cover junior positions. Another option is to work with youth organizations. Maximum attention should be paid to motivation, this is even more important than experience.
  5. Job search sites. This is perhaps the easiest and most expected way to find an employee both in the state and for remote work. Of the obvious advantages, it is worth highlighting access to a wide base of specialists if you are willing to pay for a business account. However, there are also disadvantages here. First, really good IT people rarely use this way of looking for a job. Secondly, the database contains a lot of resumes of those who have been looking for work for a long time, which speaks of their competence. So you have to weed out a lot of unnecessary things. However, this option remains accessible and relevant, since those who are really interested in it are looking for work here. The percentage of people who remain in passive search is small.

How to select candidates for the IT department? At the interview stage, there is an opportunity to find out if the candidate is suitable for the company. There is a big difference between first impressions, recommendations, and how a new employee does their job. Some developers, analysts, system administrators know how to sell themselves, have a good background, know all the necessary functionality, but are completely unable to work in a team. The algorithm for an interview with a job seeker is determined, to an large extent, by two tasks: to learn about the candidate’s capabilities and provide him with the opportunity to learn about the company in which he is applying.

You need to tell about the company, its mission and why a specialist like your job seeker is needed for this position. It is important to give a person the opportunity to motivate himself for the work itself, so let him ask questions, and you answer them in as much detail as possible. Based on the information received, the applicant will tell you how he can be useful to the company. Next comes the stage of technical issues, during which you find out what he really knows and knows how to do with his competence meets your requirements. You can give him a small test task, for example, show the code and ask him to find errors, or offer to write the missing part of the code yourself. As a result, you should have a general idea of ​​the professional qualities of the applicant, which you, of course, will fix. IT professionals are supportive of in-company training opportunities, exciting projects, and additional bonuses and incentives. Too strict control over the performance of daily, routine duties, on the contrary, can demotivate the employee.


Summing up the article ‘Hire Angular Developer In 2020 Using This Detailed Guide’, I can say that today for IT companies there are many ways to find an employee for remote work. But, as practice shows, the most effective option is to build its own employer brand, when the company does everything possible to increase its awareness and a portfolio of interesting projects that will bring talented specialists to the team. Do not forget that this is not a one-time investment, but constant painstaking work that brings the most effective result.

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