How do you make an Instagram story?

Don’t you think these social media platforms have taken over the internet and of course the users and addicts like us? However, only if you know,all these social media platforms have these features of putting or adding up the stories within their account. Of course, these kind of features are a lot easier to add up within the Instagram account and thereby one can easily add any content to their story space, but one has to make sure that content is not anywhere linked to nudity or vulgarity and that is very important to consider when you are putting up a story on your Instagram space. 

However, to add up more information, we have put some details about adding stories to your Instagram story space for sure, take a look at it- 

What is an Instagram Story vs Post?

Well, this is an excellent question that one can know when it comes to understanding the difference between both story and a post on Instagram. However, adding a post requires a different set of steps to be followed in the Instagram account, whereas putting a story requires various measures to be developed and it is pretty much easy as well and it also requires no much process or the steps as well and putting both these posts and stories are very much accessible and simple. 

However, one more difference between both stories and post is just that you cannot keep the story for more than 24 hours and whereas the post is permanent and it is never removed until you delete it manually. When it comes to story, you can put privacy settings as per your requirements, which is you can keep it for your close friends list or it can be public as well. When it comes to uploading a post one can simply select the images, videos or anything directly from their gallery and then just upload it as well. 

Can you see who views your story on Instagram?

Yes, of course, one can view the visitors who have viewed or checked the stories that one has put on the Instagram story space. You can set your privacy on your story as according to your preferences. However, viewing the story can be pretty easy, as you just have to add a story first, and then you can see the views on the right top of your story dashboard or the screen which will show the viewers on your screen. 

Even adding a story is pretty easy and simple, as even beginners can add these stories to their Instagram space quite easily. There are a few steps to be followed to add such stories and it is easy as well. 


Hence, here we have got these information and details on adding a story to your Instagram which makes it quite easy and simple for even beginners to understand the process. Well, one can add a story and set privacy to close friends as well, it is very easy!

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