How to Break Down your Goals so You can Reach them in No Time

How to Break Down your Goals

Setting goals is important if you want to move forward in life and reach your full potential. Goals help us put action to our dreams and ensure that our lives don’t stay stagnant. In order for a dream to become a goal, you have to have a plan. In order to make sure you follow through with that plan, you have to break your goal into smaller, more manageable tasks. But what is the best way to divide your work and break down greater goals into doable parts?


Writing Your Goals, the SMART Way

When initially writing your goals, it is important that you craft them in a manner that will make them easier to meet. Consider using the acronym SMART when planning out your goal. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. SMART goals are great because they can be easily tracked to see if you are making progress. Writing goals, the SMART way, will make them much easy to break and manage and much less overwhelming.


Breaking Down Goals Chronologically

Sometimes the tasks that make up your goals have to be done in a very specific order. If in order to meet your goal, you must do one thing after another, breaking it down chronologically may be the best choice. This will most often look like a list of steps to complete.

First, you will have to identify the individual steps that it will take to get the job done. Then, you should make sure they are in the proper order and organized into singular tasks. If a task still has two separate things to compete, then it needs to be broken down further. Breaking down your tasks in this way will keep you motivated as you see tangible progress being made as you progress towards your goal.


Breaking Down Goals by Time

If your goal consists of many unrelated tasks that are not tied to chronological order, you will have to find another way to break them down. The best way to do this, maybe to divide goals into tasks that can be completed in a set amount of time.

After you figure out the tasks needed to reach your goal, you should organize them into categories based on how much time they take to get completed. This distinction will help you decide which consumable task you can get done with the time you have.

Try using categories like: “Under 15 minutes”, “Under an hour”, “Within a day”, and “Over some time”. These categories will cover all the tasks and allow you to utilize your time wisely. If you only have 30 minutes to work on a task, don’t bother choosing a task from a larger category. Spend your time earning a feeling of accomplishment by finishing a task that is doable within that time-frame.


Work According to Your Plan

Reaching your goals is easier when you make a plan that works for you. Make sure that you write your goals in a way that you can measure success. By breaking your goals into organized and manageable tasks, you’ll be completing your goals in no time and reaching your full potential.

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