How to Choose Live Streaming Services for Organizing Online Broadcasting

Online streaming is one of the most effective ways to grow your event audience. It has become incredibly common over the past few years. Along with the increased demand for online broadcasts, the number of companies and individuals offering relevant services has also increased.

Live broadcasting requires reliable technology and skilled personnel capable of solving any technical problem, the risk of which is always present. The use of home and amateur capture cards, cameras, Internet connection via wifi rather than wired Internet allows for online broadcasting with a very modest budget but increases the risk of technical problems at times.

Broadcasting to professional video cameras with SDI output, wired Internet, the use of professional video equipment by qualified personnel guarantees uninterrupted broadcasting with high-quality picture and sound. Read our article for more information on how to choose the right live streaming services for organizing online broadcasts.

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The broadcast is on air, so you need the picture to be of high quality right away. In no case should a defect in the image be allowed: exposure errors, loss of focus, camera shake. However, there are also some nuances here. On the air, the operator works in conjunction with other operators and under the guidance of the broadcast director. It is important that the work of the team is coordinated. To achieve this coherence, you need to have a special technique. Firstly, it is the “director-operator” communication system – a device with which the operator’s team receives commands from the director with instructions (which object should be in the frame, the size of the frame, camera movement, the commands “camera is ready” and “camera on air”). The last two commands are the most important. The operator must clearly understand that the picture from his camera is being broadcast, which means he must be extremely attentive. Professional teams also use special tally devices for additional control over picture broadcast. The device indicators show the operator the status of his camera – whether it is on air or not. Knowing all this and inviting professionals, you will save yourself from problems with the picture during the broadcast and get high-quality video material.

Speed is also important. Needless to say, you need a good internet connection to conduct a high-quality online broadcast. The parameters of the access point are one of the first questions that professionals should find out when preparing for the broadcast. And the Internet available in the area is not always suitable for uninterrupted broadcasting. Firstly, it must be a separate channel with a speed of at least 10 Mb / sec, and secondly, this point must not be a source of a Wi-Fi signal. A low bit rate or a large number of people connected to the wireless network can affect the signal quality, and the broadcast will simply be interrupted. To prevent this, the team should use its own high-speed access point. This allows you not to rely on the case and parameters of the local network, but to have a reliable, high-quality signal and, as a result, uninterrupted broadcasting. And, of course, on the day of the broadcast, you need to test the Internet on site. When ordering a broadcast, you can be sure that everything will be set up, checked and ready just in time. 

In order to conduct high-quality online streaming, it is necessary to use only professional technology. All equipment from cameras to the cable through which the signal is transmitted must be specially prepared for live broadcasting. So, for example, cameras must necessarily support signal transmission via SDI. This interface, unlike its consumer HDMI counterpart, provides signal transmission with minimal delays and without quality loss. Plus, HDMI cables and connectors are generally much less reliable than SDI interfaces and can literally fall off! Agree, it will be a shame if you lose picture quality due to the adapter.

Now you know what points you should pay attention to when choosing a live streaming service for online broadcasting of an event.

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