How to clean windows to match the standard of professional cleaning?

How to clean windows to match the standard of professional cleaning?

Even if you call for professional window cleaning services at regular intervals, it will still require some light cleaning in between to keep the glass clean. Glass surfaces attract a lot of dirt, and to maintain the speck-free look, you must do some window cleaning. Although it might not be something that you would typically like to do, you cannot help but devote time and labor to give that instant boost to your home appearance.   Keeping the windows clean is easy because you can wash them with water and then wipe it dry to ensure that the glass is speck-free and clear as water increases the home appeal.

Get the right tools

To clean windows like a pro and get similar results, you must use the same tools used by the professionals. All such tools are available at your local full-service hardware stores and home centers. You will be happy to use them skilfully because it is not hard to operate a squeegee with is the single most important tool for cleaning windows.  Besides, you will need a 5-gallon plastic bucket and a hand/ dishwashing liquid.  A solution of water and vinegar that contains acetic acid is also effective for window cleaning. The acidic nature of vinegar breaks down the dirt sticking to the glass surface. Vinegar is cheaper than dishwashing solutions and even more effective as it does not have a slippery nature. Usually, you must use 1 part of warm water and one part of vinegar to prepare the cleaning solution.

Cleaning procedure

To apply the cleaning solution, use a washcloth or sponge piece and start scrubbing the glass panes of the windows.  Apply light pressure while scrubbing to avoid the chances of any gritty particles subbing against the surface that might scratch it. Before scrubbing, make sure that the sponge or washcloth is clean and does not have any particles clinging to it.

Having completed the scrubbing thoroughly, the glass will be clean, but the water particles will be clinging to it that gives a frosted look. Use a squeegee to wipe away the excess water gently from the glass surface so that there are no streaks of water or any other type of watermark visible.

Choose a squeegee with an extended handle so that you can access the hard-to-reach corners of the window with ease. This technique is beneficial for large windows.

In the next step, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the glass surfaces already looking dry to look utterly transparent without any watermarks. Since the fibers of the microfiber cloth are very fine, even finer than a strand of silk, it eliminates any chances of scratching due to its softness.  The microfiber cloth soaks all residual moisture from the glass surface and prevents the formation of swirls.

To remove bird poop and residual stickers from the window glass, you must use a handheld window scraper specially meant for cleaning windows. All the leaning techniques described above are suitable for cleaning windows from the inside.

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