How to create high-quality backlinks

We hope that you will have a solid understanding of what backlinks are, their importance, how to choose the best ones, and which ones to avoid. According to Softplux, PBN links are the best. You can buy PBN Links or create them according to your budget.

In that case, it’s time to start building the links.

We like to create backlinks following a certain natural order, like the one below:

  1. Social networks
  2. Essential Business Directories
  3. Niche Business Directories
  4. Business Directories
  5. General Business Authority links
  6. Authority Links by Segment
  7. Extra Social Networks
  8. Web 2.0 blogs
  9. Press release
  10. Relevant blog comments
  11. Forum links 
  12. Guest post
  13. Exchanging links
  14. Competitor backlinks
  15. PBN Links

However, we are explaining only a few major types here:

Social networks

Social networks are essential to support a website’s SEO strategy. Any blog after publishing a new article usually posts on their social networks. This is a basic strategy and it has resulted in digital marketing.

Essential Business Directories

After a company sets up its social networks, the next step is to create a profile in the main business directories so that your company can appear on maps when consumers are searching.

Web 2.0

The term “Web 2.0” refers to sites that emphasize user-generated content, that is, subjects from the universe of your segment. Looking for partnerships with these blogs for backlinks can be very successful. 

Relevant blog comments.

Getting comments on the blog is natural if you are a business owner and are interacting with your community, answering questions, and trying to get involved in your online niche.

Find relevant blogs and answer people’s questions or just comment on the articles you read.

Forum links

Participating in forums is similar to blog comments. Look for forums in your industry, create a profile (most allow you to link to your site), and start engaging in meaningful and valuable conversations with users.

Eventually, after building trust and making some comments, you can start to link to a resource on your website that is valuable and relevant to a forum discussion.

Guest posts

The guest post, or guest post, is an article produced by an expert on the subject or someone else who contributes a subject to your blog. This is very common in sectors like healthcare and law, where these experts write an opinion article for a news site.

Competitor backlinks

For this step, search for the competitors that appear on the first page and place your URL on Ahrefs, SemRush, or another quality link building platform. Analyze what are the backlinks that point to your competitor’s website and try to get to your website. 

PBN Links

PBN (private blog network) links are some of the most valuable links you can create.

The building, managing, and using a PBN is a very complex process that takes time, but if after doing all the backlink mentioned above you still need more links, consider creating a private network of blogs to manage and exchange powerful links.

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