How to improve your domain authority and page authority rank?

Domain authority vs. page authority

Domain Authority (DA) can be defined as a search engine ranking score that Moz develops to predict how likely a website ranks on different search engine result pages. Its score range is from 1 to 100. A higher score represents the better ability to rank.

Whereas the Page Authority also represents a score developed by Moz to predict how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Its score range is the same as domain authority. It is based on data that comes from a web index.

A capable and efficient domain authority checker needs to monitor these two variables to gain a prominent position on the internet.

Importance of DA and PA

Authority is a qualitative measure related to the web and has a significant effect on websites’ overall prominence and rankings in search engines. It is considered a critical focus for SEO experts. Common SEO tactics, such as creating suitable Content and practice link building, are adopted to increase the authority; how authority alone can’t guarantee success but serves as a strong indicator of overall SEO performance.

However, keep on monitoring DA PA using a competitive domain authority checker for making continuous improvements.

Good DA and PA

Using a domain authority checker, the final scores can be evaluated. Score ranges are:

  • Low scores: if your DA PA is at 20-30, r will be considered low scoring.
  • Average score: DA PA depicting 40-50 score rate represents the average position  
  • High scores: 70-80 score and above considered as an excellent score rate.

Why do you want to increase Domain Authority and Page authority?

It is one of the most important queries asked by website owners. Domain Authority and page authority serve as indicators of success. Therefore, along with other measures to increase the page ranking increase, DA and PA are crucial. But keep in mind that high DA PA should not be the end goal.

How to increase Domain Authority and Page authority?

There are certain tips and tricks to increase the domain authority and page authority. Some of them are explained below. Don’t forget to use a domain authority checker to monitor your website’s status among competitors on different search engines.

Use influential and significant websites

Content that is influential and significant attracts people, and they want to link to. That’s why there is a need to reach out and deliver the Content for them. Spot relevant people, and the most important groups to reach out are:

  • All those People who are introduced or discuses in your article
  • People who’ve transcribed the same articles as you or chosen relevant and related topics.
  • People who’ve linked all those articles that are similar to your topics.

Remove Damaging Backlinks

Always keep a check on the backlinks present in your articles as they have a great potential to damage your page and domain authority. For example, all the Private blogging networks are more prone to damage than helping you. They can knock down your domain and page authority score. So keep reviewing and inspecting your backlinks.

Create good Content

Creating good and new Content is the most important practice when trying to improve your domain and page authority rank. So there is a need to create Content that has the potential to attract your target audience quickly, offer a valuable chance for new backlinks, and incorporate more keywords.

Use advertisement 

You can also take help from Facebook Ads to promote significant posts and confidently gain more visitors. Allow people to link back to your posts.  

Boost Your Social Presence

Based on a social signal such as retweets, likes, and a total number of shares, different search engines like Google and Moz evaluate the domain and page authority. The number and quality of backlink profiles boost your domain and page authority score. So there is a need to take time to enhance your social media presence. Increase the social proof on your Content to get you more traffic and lift your authority score.

Tools to monitor the domain and page authority

There are certain tools to measure the domain authority and page authority of your website. Pick a most competitive domain authority checker to monitor your position so that you can take steps towards more success and make repaired improvements.

DA PA Checker by

To use prepostseo DA PA Checker, you have to Paste up to 500 URLs and click on Check Authority Button to analyze the DA and PA score, spam score, number of backlinks. It also gives an insight into a site authority on different search engines. Some of its captivating features are:

  • It offers you the option to extracts URLs themselves from raw data. You are required to paste clean URLs.
  • This DA PA checker delivers you precise results along with a spam score.
  • It quickly predicts that how bad or good a certain page will rank on SERPs.
  • It displays the exact IP address of any website and informs that from where it’s being managed. So it will be easy to spot if a group of websites is PBN or not.
  • It lets you check DA and PA of 500 domains simultaneously.
  • This tool checks the indexed pages on Google for every domain other than the da pa and spam score.
  • This domain authority checker offers you to download Excel files for checked URLs.

DA PA checker by website

This domain authority checker measures DA and PA on a scale of 100 points, and if you gain a score of 10 or 20, then it depicts that the site does not have a good DA PA score. However, a score of 90 represents the higher ranking. This is one of the most reliable tools to determine your page and web site’s success and position. It assesses keyword position as well. Some of its features are:

  • It tells the Age of the domain and the number of external backlinks.
  • It highlights the link that needs to be followed and unfollowed.
  • Assess the quality and authority of the backlinks and gives the Reference number of domain links.

DA PA and quality backlinks are important to measure website excellence, particularly when Google stopped updating PageRank.

DA PA checker tool by

This Domain Authority Checker will evaluate specific pages’ power and the probability for a domain to rank higher in different search engines. It helps discover the DA PA for multiple URLs from a single and do a quick comparison of multiple URLs from, unlike domains. Some amazing features of this tool are:

  • It assesses the website’s DA PA along with the individual pages you’re building links to.
  • Highlights the website authority of your competitors as well.  
  • Detect the influence of supplementary links that are pointing to your site.


Domain authority and page authority are the most precise illustration of the search results and serve as a key to understanding why certain websites rank higher than others in different search engines. Websites with Higher DA PA have the potential to perform in a better way than lower ones. As a result, it can be concluded that there’s a direct association between high DA PA scores and higher rankings. So keep on monitoring via domain authority checker and make developments!


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