Important Things to Consider Before Going On a Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip

Important Things to Consider Before Going On a Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip

The rigors of the daily grind are more than enough to stress anyone out. This is why it’s important to take a break every once in a while. There are many ways to relax and recover, but only a few of these experiences will compare to taking a long motorcycle ride. However, a long motorcycle trip can easily become a nightmare if it isn’t planned out well. Here are the important things that you need to take into account before going on a long-distance motorcycle ride.

Motorcycle and Engine Type

Not all motorcycles are suited for long trips. The variance in riding position, cargo capacity, windshield coverage make some motorcycle types such as touring motorcycles and cruisers are your best choice as they are designed particularly for long rides. They have an upright seat, saddlebags, and larger  windshields. Stay away from sports motorcycles as they are the least suited for long rides.

750cc and stronger are ideal for the highway. Larger engines can also be fitted to larger motorcycles that often have more storage options.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Always  fulfill your motorcycle’s preventive maintenance to minimize issues on the road. It’s also important to perform a pre-trip checkup to ensure that your motorcycle is ready for a long trip. You wouldn’t want your motorcycle to break down in the middle of nowhere.


Never forget to map your route via GPS or through a map. This way, you’re able to make a rough estimate on travel time, which will also help you determine the supplies you need to bring.

It’s also important to factor in the climate so you’re able to select your gear accordingly. Take note that the topography in mountain passes can cause temperatures to rise and drop rapidly. Finally, don’t forget to take note of points of interest such as accommodations and fuel stops. Never ride while fatigued. A good number of fatal accidents are caused by fatigue.

Specialized Gear

As previously mentioned, it’s important to pack according to the climate you’re travelling in. These types of gear can help make your trip more comfortable:

  • Heated grips keep your palms warm when riding in cold weather
  • Padded grips make your grips more comfortable to hold
  • Gel seats make your seat more comfortable
  • A backrest supports your back during a long trip
  • A throttle lock acts as a pseudo-cruise control
  • Stunning LED motorcycle lighting helps make it easier for riders to see and be seen on the road


You don’t run a marathon without first training for it. The same also applies to long trips. Riding for extended periods puts a strain on your muscles and mental faculties. It’s important to build your stamina and endurance before attempting a long-distance trip. Regular exercise, shorter trips (with the gear you plan to bring), and a protein and fiber-rich diet are a few ways to train your body for the long ride ahead.


Lastly, riders should always make it a point to inform people they trust of where they’re headed and where they currently are. These updates are important to help make it easier to find you just in case you find yourself in an emergency. This not only narrows the search area, but it also greatly increases your chances of survival if you’re found sooner.

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