Is Nike Shoe Bot Worth Buying?

If you have ever tried copping limited-edition sneakers, you know how hard it can be. Getting your hands on these releases is not easy as they are usually sold out in a few minutes. That’s why many sneakerheads use bots, one of the most popular being the Nike Shoe Bot.

Known as one of the most reliable and renowned sneaker bots on the market, NSB or Nike Shoe Bot is the first choice of many sneakerheads. However, it’s pretty expensive, so you may want to know everything about it before buying it.

Is Nike Shoe Bot the Best Option for Your Copping Needs?

Over the last six years, NSB has become one of the best sneaker bots in the market, priding itself on its high success rates. But, it’s considerably more expensive than most bots in the market, so is it really worth it? To find out, you need to know its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with a brief overview of NSB so you can understand how it works.

How Does Nike Shoe Bot Work?

Nike Shoe Bot, also known as NSB, is one of the most dominant sneaker bots out there. Like any other sneaker bot, it automates the add-to-cart and checkout process so you can get the coveted pair of limited-edition sneakers before they are sold out.

Since it’s a bot, it works faster than any person, so you can use it to cop multiple pairs of limited editions. This makes it an invaluable tool for sneakerheads in the sneaker reselling industry.

However, the strict anti-bot policies of shoe sites can easily detect it and ban your IP address if you try to cop multiple pairs from the same computer. For that reason, you need to use it alongside the best sneaker proxies for NSB which will provide you with multiple IP addresses.

This way, you can cop multiple pairs of limited-editions from your computer while the shoe sites think all those requests are coming from multiple customers.

Since speed is incredibly important for copping sneakers, you have to make sure your proxies are fast enough to get you the pairs you desire. This could be useful if you want to test their speed.

Advantages of Nike Shoe Bot

Here are the major reasons why many sneakerheads decide to go with NSB:

  • It supports a lot of sites

Judging by its name, you may think it’s a bot for copping Nike sneakers only. But, it’s actually the opposite. NSB is an AIO or All-in-One bot so it supports different retailers, including Supreme, Demandware, Footsites, and over a hundred Shopify supported sites.

  • It’s multithreaded and very fast

NSB is incredibly fast which is crucial when it comes to copping limited editions. It’s multithreaded as well, meaning it’s able to multitask. So, you can create several tasks that will run simultaneously but also independently without interfering with one another.

  • It’s reliable, secure, and easy to use

NSB doesn’t save the account details you leave on sneaker sites which makes it super secure. Also, it ensures the data it collects from you is kept safely. The bot provides top-notch reliability and enjoys a high level of success. It has an intuitive and beginner-friendly user interface, so it’s easy to use.

Disadvantages of Nike Shoe Bot

If you consider buying NSB, you should also be aware of its cons which are:

  • High price

If you don’t take copping sneakers seriously and you want to buy limited-editions occasionally, NSB may not be the most reasonable option because of its price. The bot is quite expensive, so it won’t pay off if you use it only a few times.

  • Lack of Nike support

While you can use this bot to sweep and destroy drops on these sites, you can’t use it to cop on Nike-supported sites which is pretty ironic considering its name.

  • Slow customer support

The customer support of NSB uses emails which means you’ll probably wait for a while to get a reply. But when you do get it, it’s usually helpful.

The Verdict

NSB has an amazing performance, speed, reliability, and security which makes it totally worth it if you want to cop multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers, and even more if you’re in the sneaker reselling business.

Its high price and slow customer support, however, may change your mind if you’re on a tight budget and not planning to resale sneakers for profit.

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