Is technology creating handicapped humans

We do prefer applied sciences because it has lead basis to technology as it has provided us the chance to transform our crammed knowledge into useful things and these useful things have improved our living standards and specially has changed our lifestyles. The word technology is easy to pronounce but it is not that simple, it’s a tremendous result of application of scientific knowledge.

Technology has lead to the discovery of amazing:

  • Household Machinery 
  • Scientific Equipment 
  • Electronic Appliances. 

I can give you countless examples of technology items for example Blu-ray players, toys, television, computer, dryers, refrigerators, cars, washing machines and even windows and door handles. These machinery items can be categorized into two types on the basis of their way of use:

  • Manual Machines 
  • Automatic Machines

Some machinery items are required to be operated manually means we have to operate them by ourselves for that purpose there are many used electronic for sale and we can buy, and to give them commands but the other ones are just automatic like an automatic water pump which turns on every time on its own whenever water level falls below than some adjusted volume of water in the water tank to refill the water. 

Some machines are really a masterpiece that we don’t even have the need to operate them always. We have to install their administering and commanding systems only once and after that these items continue their working on their own. These are not just like automatic machines but they can also recognize and configure different scenarios and can change their behavior according to them. 

So, let me tell you about a superb and astonishing achievement in technology “Sophia” (robot). It’s a humanoid robot which can not only perform tasks like human beings but can also make conversations and can interact socially in groups of people. And the most astonishing thing about it is that in October 2017, it has also received citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Sophia (robot) can see, recognize people, talk, give facial expressions like human, walk and even create drawings and portraits. 

A wonderful application “Sophia” (robot) which has not only proved technology to be a necessary part of this world but lead the basis to “Artificial intelligence” a pioneer to construct a new world, almost wholly depending on technology. And this achievement has opened a debate on technology at a serious note whether it’s really developing the living standard of human beings on this earth or making humans a “handicap one”?

 If you are the one who can purchase all the updated versions of technology items and now using them in your daily routine then you can understand the sense of this word “handicap”. Yes, not only a physical handicap but also a mental handicap. Why I have used this word for human being and what message I want to convey with it to the humanity? 

Let me explain it for you dear readers so, be focused for a while. This technology has not only reduced our physical activities but also imprinted the idea of “life is a race” in our brains. We are not taking technology items as ease creating or time saving things in our lives but we have made them compulsory and we have declared them a real standard of living. 

We have made these machines a necessity of life, without which we cannot even easily take a peaceful breath. We are considering them more important even from our food and health and don’t you think it’s obviously a sign of mental illness. People who cannot maintain this type of living standard are not only making them physically ill but also becoming psychologically ill. 


With information technology items a misinformation system has been generated which is spreading more fake news and creating a panic, frustrated, always stressed and anxiety lover generation. It’s really hard to sort out real and genuine news from daily based rumors. Even very sensible and responsible news anchors and trusted critics are losing their standards just for the sake of rating and to earn a few dollars or increase their followers.  

Can you turn your eyes aside from the screens for a few minutes deliberately? Can you dare to ignore social media for a while and keep your focus on your routine based tasks, No its not that much to be focused in this era of human history. Simplest side effect of this abundant information system is that it’s reducing the attention span of humans and they are losing their focus from their real important one tasks. 

Technology has left us with no privacy and always like a pretentious one. People don’t feel and enjoy things with their loved ones but they are fonder of uploading pictures on social media. Before eating and enjoying their meal they feel it necessary to upload it’s picture, before wearing a dress and feeling its essence they are tuned to show off about it.   

 If you are keeping an eye on daily based international relations, you will get surprised that even “a single tweet” can be an initiative of a nuclear war. Different countries are playing dirty politics against their enemies and spreading fake news and rumors about them leading to internal breakdown of that specific country. 

  • Enemy countries use fake accounts on social media by representing themselves as citizen of that specific country.
  • With the time these fake personsbecome social media influencers for citizens of that nation. 
  • And now these fake persons play with the minds of simple citizens and create hatred in their minds and hearts for each other. 
  • They play with their psychology and do such a great brain washing of them, they have even separated provinces of a country from each other at such a level that people started target killing of citizens of other city or providence. 

And a severe side effect which is making its roots day by stronger is 5th generation war, a war of cultural and moral values which can possibly distort the perceptions of human being and distract them from  their basic rituals. It’s creating confusions in human minds by flooding them with misinformation and manipulating their thinking ways and their ability to see, perceive and judge this world even without letting them know about it all, a “handicapped human” which can be dragged in any direction.

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