Is The International Sim Card Too Good To Be True

international sim card

International sim cards which are sometimes called travel sim cards are not bound to any state or economic unions. They can be used all around the world at a specified price. They are usually expensive than the local sim cards, but they have their advantages. 

They are especially handy for travelers who travel abroad a lot and consumers can even save some money if they are light users. It is better to have an international sim card than buy a local sim card with every country you cross. And sometimes the services and plans offered by international SIM cards are wider and more reliable than the local SIM cards. 

They save efforts, energy and also make up for money which you would have spent buying too many local sim cards. Most international SIM cards are useable throughout the globe and provide efficient networks at all locations. 

What you need to know

  • Choose the right SIM

There are a variety of SIM cards available in the market with a variety of offers and services. This makes it harder for consumers to see what to look for and how to buy the best international SIM card. 

There are international sim cards which are data only and the ones which also allow calls and texts. There are companies like One SIM, Go SIM, KnowRoaming which provide data plans as well as plans for calls and texts. 

Then there are data only sim cards such as Keepgo, GigSky, Surfroam which provide only data plans. If you want a sim card for all the countries, then Surfroam is the best option to go with. 

For Europe and the United States nations it is better to go with KeepGo’s GoFi Europe USA SIM. If you prefer texts and calls, then it is better to go with OneSIM as it provides free incoming calls and cheaper rates in European countries.

  • Plan Ahead

 It is necessary to plan well ahead and check the options of various Sims as the plans keep changing. Different sim cards have different plans for different countries. Besides, the prices and limitations of the services vary. So the countries you plan to travel to should also decide the sim card you go for.

  • Check your countries

It is important to check the countries supported by the SIM card. You do not want to be buying a new SIM card and having no services when you need them. The countries should also be a deciding factor in which SIM card you choose.

  • Make sure your phone is unlocked

The last thing users need to take into account is unlocking your phone for international use. You can get your phone unlocked from different services or unlock it yourself. To unlock it yourself, you will have to generate a code using your mobile’s IMEI number, and then you can use the code to unlock your mobile phone. 

The good part of International Sim Cards

  • Simple Choices

When you travel abroad, there are already tons of things to worry about, and it’s better to reduce one of them by owning an international sim card. Owning international sim cards reduces a lot of hassle, and they involve a simple process for ownership.

  • Online Ordering

 You can order an international sim card online and have one for yourself. Although the plans are costlier than local SIM cards, they end up saving you money if you travel abroad frequently. 

Many companies providing international sim cards also provide additional services. 

  • Live support and automatic emails

For example, OneSIM has a partnership with Skype and Viber, and hence you can use their apps for free with the SIM card. There are a lot of such additional advantages that are added by most international sim card services. 

This becomes one more reason to research all international SIM cards to decide which best suits your needs. The international SIM card providers also provide wonderful customer service, and you can contact them for any problems you face without worrying about the language or location.

  • Included Instructions and preset settings

 The international SIM cards also come with instruction handbooks which are handy for first-time users. All services on international SIM cards will be as good as your local SIM card and sometimes even better.

  • Tethering support and automatic emails

Like all the local SIM cards international SIM cards support tethering services too. They also you to turn on automatic emails notifying you of your usage.

In a conclusion, you can do with local SIM cards if you are not a frequent traveller and if it is once in many months or years, you travel abroad. However, you should consider international SIM cards if you are a regular traveller and you are crossing border quite often. Just check the offers suiting your needs and order the SIM card you find best for you.

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