5 Best Smart watches To Buy for Your Kids In 2021


Smartwatches are a tech of the modern-day world. People love wearing a piece of technology on their wrist and being able to do more with just a watch is a big thing. This liking of tech has even made children of these days after all kids always want to be like their parents and when they see their parents doing tasks like taking calls on a watch and measuring heart rate, they also want to experience those amazing features.

However, smartwatches weren’t usually made for kids but since time has progressed more and more companies are introducing junior or kid versions of their smartwatches that are equipped with the latest features of a smartwatch with a few twists to keep your little one entertained.

As there are a wide variety of smartwatches present for adults to choose from, the market for kids’ smartwatches have also become quite huge so sometimes it can be a little confusing to choose a right smartwatch for your kid. To keep you out of this confusion we are going to recommend you 5 of the best kid smartwatches to buy in 2021!

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  1. VtechKidizoomSmartwatch DX2

This watch is perfect for your kid. Vtech has designed this watch keeping in mind to increase the activities of the children who wear this watch. It comes preloaded with games that make kids play in real life by beating monsters in AR (Augmented Reality). The smartwatch comes with a dual camera setup through which children can take their own selfies and record their fun activities. All this can be transferred to a computer or a tablet or mobileby parents through a microUSB cable attached to a computer or via bluetooth. This watch is a complete package that helps track your child’s activities while also making them enjoy a smartwatch experience. VtechKidizoomSmartwatch DX2 is available in blue color which is more suitable for boys, pink color that is preferable for girls and a black color variant that is much more neutral and can be worn by any boy or girl as according to their preference.

  1. Garmin vívofit JR. 2 & 3

Garmin smartwatches are a fan-favorite when discussing smartwatches for kids. These smartwatches come themed on different Disney princesses, marvel superheroes and StarWars characters. Garmin vívofitsmartwatches comes with a ton of features like fitness tracking, and sleep tracking to help monitor your child’s activity. SOS is also available so your child can contact you instantly when needed. Through these smartwatches you can set chores for your child which when done can be redeemed to play games on Garmin’s official app that is themed on different cartoon and fictional characters. This watch is perfect if you want to keep your child active by making them complete their chores and in return getting them to play interacting games. It can be paired easily with both Android and iOS.

  1. 3210U Touch Screen Bluetooth Smartwatch

Want a more affordable but still solid smartwatch for your kids? This 3210U Touch Screen Smartwatch is then perfect for you. It does not come with a lot of games but can still provide a good experience to your kids. It has GPS which can be used to locate your kids. It comes with SIM functionality that can help make two ways call between you and your child. Other features like footsteps tracking, sleep tracking and utility apps like calendar and calculator are also available on this watch. A camera is also given to snap some quick selfies when needed which can be easily accessed through pairing with your phone. The experience here is much more like an adult smartwatch, however you do not get special sensors like heart rate monitor or accelerometer etc. but still your child can enjoy a proper smartwatch. This watch is only available in a comfortable in a black color band which can be worn by both girls and boys, although if your child wants a colorful band you might have to consider some other options. It can also be paired with both Android and iOS operating systems.

  1. Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit Ace 2 is the perfect companion for your children. You can set goals that your children can complete to earn badges and to get rewards from you. The Fitbit Ace 2 is equipped with step tracking to monitor how active their play time is. Sleep tracking can help you determine how much sleep your children have and are they having a healthy lifestyle. Fitbit Ace 2 is a perfect swimming companion for your children too that can help access the swim session whether they were good or not. Kids with a smartphone can pair their Fitbit Ace 2 to receive notification and calls just like a proper smartwatch. They come in a variety of interchangeable bands in different funky colors and patterns that suits your child. Overall, the Fitbit Ace 2 is a quality spend for your little one where the experience is very much closer to an adult smartwatch.

  1. ThemoemoeSmartwatch for Kids

This is another affordable yet functional smartwatch for your kid. This watch supports SIM functionality that enables one to have a two-way call when needed without the need of a proper phone. It comes with GPS preloaded that can help you easily locate your child throughout the day anywhere with the integrated app on your smartphone. SOS emergency call is a function present in this smartwatch that when triggered, calls every registered emergency contact on the smartwatch. This smartwatch also comes with two cameras, one on the front and one on the right side, which can be used to capture the fun playtime moments by kids themselves. Themoemoesmartwatch comes preloaded with Do Not Disturb mode that can be turned on by the parents for their kid’s school time or to control their kids screen time.

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