Here is The LG 27UL500 Review

LG 27UL500 Review

The LG 27UL500 is a moderate 4K monitor with an IPS board for dynamic tones,  FreeSync  for smooth performance, and numerous extra valuable features.

Picture Quality

In light of an IPS board with vacillated 10-cycle shading profundity uphold (8-bit + FRC for 1.07 billion tones), 98% sRGB shading array, and wide 178° survey points, the LG 27UL500 monitor conveys flawless, precise, and steady tones.

The monitor is production line adjusted, so you’ll have the option to appreciate the monitor straight out of the container and even do some essential substance creation.

Be that as it may, for proficient shading basic work, adjustment through a committed calibrator will be essential. For additional unequivocally adjusted presentations, look at the best photograph altering monitor purchaser’s guide.

Other board related determinations incorporate a good 300-nit top splendor and a static differentiation proportion of 700:1 – 1,000:1 relying upon the specific unit of the monitor.

Presently, the LG 27UL500 likewise underpins HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Because of the absence of wide shading array, higher splendor ability, and confined darkening for more profound blacks and better difference performance, the HDR seeing experience will be disappointing.

Some HDR-viable substance will look better (primarily reassure games), yet more often than not, you’ll simply get either over-immersed or cleaned out tones.

This is normal at this value range as legitimate 4K HDR monitors cost significantly more because of the more costly wide shading array backdrop illuminations and neighborhood darkening performances.

In any case, on account of the energetic and exact shadings gave by the IPS board and completely clear subtleties guaranteed by the 4K UHD goal, the picture nature of the LG 27UL500 showcase is splendid thinking about the cost.

Remember that you should utilize scaling for little things, for example, text to get intelligible. Scaling will likewise make everything more honed and more exact, however it will bring down the measure of accessible monitor space.


The LG 27UL500 information slack adds up to just ~8ms while the pixel reaction time speed estimates 5ms (dark to dim pixel progress), which is excellent.

Because of the presentation’s 60Hz revive rate, there won’t be any recognizable postponements or unmistakable dragging along quick moving articles.

Note that PC gaming is very requesting at 4K UHD, which is the reason suggest 1440p 144Hz monitors for a more responsive gaming experience except if you need 4K for work or incline toward better detail clearness over everything else.

This best gaming monitor likewise underpins AMD FreeSync, which gives a variable revive rate (VRR) in the event that you have a viable designs card. VRR can eliminate all monitor tearing and faltering with insignificant info slack punishment (~1ms).

The LG 27UL500 FreeSync range is 40-60Hz/FPS (Frames Per Second) in the ‘Broadened’ mode, so as long as your FPS is inside that range, there will be no tearing or stammering.

Utilizing FreeSync with viable NVIDIA cards (GTX 10-arrangement or more up to date) may not really work without issues.

Contingent upon your specific unit of the monitor, designs card, and GPU driver adaptation, FreeSync will either turn out great, or you’ll need to utilize the Basic mode, which has a smaller VRR scope of 48-60Hz.

On the off chance that you have a NVIDIA, and you can’t get FreeSync to work, there are some different things you could attempt, for example, utilizing an outsider programming to change the VRR range, cutoff to upper reach to ~57Hz, and so on More on that can be found here.

Proceeding onward, the LG 27UL500 has a flash free backdrop illumination and a ‘Peruser’ mode, which channels out the unsafe low-blue lights. Together, these two features guarantee a happy with survey insight and forestall eye strain and cerebral pains brought about by delayed utilization of the monitor.

Something else to remember is IPS sparkle, which is a typical downside of all IPS board shows. When observing especially dim scenes in a dull room, you will have the option to see some ‘sparkling’ around the edges of the monitor.

This is caused because of the overabundance light going through the board, and it’s altogether mediocre. You can lessen its perceivability by bringing down the monitor’s splendor or by adding all the more light to your room.


Further, the LG 27UL500 offers a lot of helpful features, remembering For Monitor Control, which permits you to change all fundamental monitor settings in a work area application utilizing your mouse/console just as ‘Monitor Split’ which can separate your work area into various formats for simpler performing various tasks when utilizing different windows.

Gaming-related features incorporate Black Stabilizer, which can improve the perceivability of articles concealing shadows. There is likewise pre-adjusted picture presets for FPS and RTS game sorts.

The OSD (On-Monitor Display) menu is pleasantly coordinated, and it’s anything but difficult to work with gratitude to the 5-way joystick put underneath the base bezel of the monitor.

In the menu, you will discover all the standard changes just as cutting edge picture change instruments, for example, 6-hub tone/immersion, four gamma presets, and manual shading temperature setup.

Design and Connectivity

The remain of the monitor is tilt-simply by – 5°/15°, and it’s inclined to wobbling. Fortunately, you can separate the stand and mount the monitor on an outsider stand utilizing the 100x100mm VESA design.

The dim dark matte bezels of the monitor are sensibly thick while the monitor is covered with a matte 3H enemy of glare covering, which viably forestalls reflections.

Availability choices incorporate two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, and an earphones jack. All showcase connectors uphold AMD FreeSync up to 60Hz at 4K, just as HDCP 2.2 and HDR.

Cost and Similar Monitors

The LG 27UL500 value goes from ~$280 up to $350, which is a decent incentive for the cash.

There’s likewise the LG 27UL550 model, which offers a more ergonomic design for ~$50 extra.

Be that as it may, we enthusiastically suggest looking at the ASUS VG289Q, which bolsters wide shading extent and has a completely ergonomic remain, alongside FreeSync and HDR uphold, for ~$330 making it the best widescreen monitor.

Different models from LG’s UL arrangement incorporate the LG 27UL850 with a USB-C port that has 60W force conveyance for viable workstations and the LG 27UL650, which offers more slender bezels just as an ergonomic design.

The LG 27UL650 and UL850 additionally have VESA-ensured HDR400 uphold. Essentially, this implies that they have a higher pinnacle brilliance, yet need appropriate shading range and difference proportion for a critical HDR seeing experience.

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