Nuggets of wisdom from Mike Giannulis for business owners in the pandemic phase

Mike Giannulis business owners

2020 hasn’t been an excellent year for the global economy! The pandemic outbreak has adversely affected business organizations and their business development plans. There have been office shutdowns, slower sales, salary cuts, and fewer career opportunities. Business owners have been undergoing a business lull period because of disrupted supply chains and mismanaged cash-flow management.

Recently, situations have been improving. However, nothing concrete can get spoken about economic growth and betterment for sure. Hence, it is essential for business owners to stay resilient and patient in business. 

Mike Giannulis shares useful insights and guidelines

Every business must try and make sales sooner or later. However, in 2020 the business scenario might be laden with challenges of any kind. Mike Giannulis shares useful guidelines and wisdom to carry out business in 2020. 

  • Patience is essential

The business scenario will take time to get back to the way it was before the pandemic outbreak. Hence, business owners must exercise patience as they make their business development plans and meetings. There are chances of potential clients delaying in renewing the contract or backing out.

However, all this is temporary, and things will start getting back to normal soon. Until then, it is an excellent practice to maintain patience and keep making future business plans and leaving scopes for modifications.

  • It is essential to float now

Few business organizations are planning to work with aggressive business plans. Are you planning to do so? If yes, then it’s time to cancel out the aggressive business plans and opt-in for ways that will help you to thrive and stay afloat. Your customers must know that your business is functional. It is not a good time to introduce a product that your audience might not have an acceptance.

  • Address the customer pain points

It is time for business owners to enhance their customer bonds. And the best way to do that is by addressing customer pain points and issues. It is essential to know whether you are catering to the customer requirements well. Find out whether you can make changes in your current customer experience strategy or social media campaign to reach out better to your customers. You can welcome customer insights and use them to modify your marketing strategy. 

  • Make the most of online technology

Businesses must leverage online technologies to promote their business. The pandemic outbreak has made it essential for people to follow safety protocols and social distancing norms. Hence, it is necessary to leverage online tools and manage online meetings. That way, business houses can get the work done and also save time. It is also essential to enhance the social media pages and reach out to the customers to stay connected.

How close are workers to infection problem areas? 

The principal thing to comprehend is the manner by which close your representatives are to known infection problem areas. When you have this data, you can arrange for how to react should a work office and the individuals inside it are put inside an isolated zone. 

You can’t make arrangements for each office all the while, especially if your association has a worldwide presence, so by distinguishing those areas with the most noteworthy danger and business sway, you can assemble an organized rundown of areas to work through. 

By following the everyday spread of the infection, you would then be able to figure out which areas or offices should be the focal point of additional correspondence or explicit reactions. In the event that you plan for those offices with the most noteworthy danger first, you augment your odds of being prepared when the main effects from the infection happen.

It will take time for businesses to resume normalcy. Until then, it is essential for business owners to exercise patience and wisdom and manage their business development plans accordingly. The factors mentioned above can help business owners manage their businesses better.

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Five key takeaways: 

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  • Step by step instructions to succeed post-pandemic by conveying an encounter that addresses the issues of business clients in the “new ordinary” 
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