Most Depressing Professions: And Why

While every single profession is extremely important for a functional society, some professions are indeed more demanding than others. People who are into this profession very often don’t like their duties at all, but have to work due to lack of alternatives. A wide range of reasons are responsible for these professions being so depressing. The duties and responsibilities might be too burdensome, the job might be really repetitive and tedious, and most importantly, the remuneration might be really unsatisfactory. While there are people who still enjoy these professions, for the vast majority of professionals in these professions don’t simply enjoy their job. In this article, I would like to discuss a few professions that seem to be the most depressing ones, and explain why they are. 

Security Guard

In an ideal world, every property needs some security. Regardless of how much modern security tech has evolved over the past few years, the human factor is still important. So, the jobs of security professionals are yet to be obsolete. 

The job of a security guard is miserable for quite a few reasons. First of all, in most of the cases, the working hours are really long. On average, a security guard has to be at their duties 12 hours a day. Though some countries have regulations on the number of hours per week a security guard should work, most countries don’t have any cap, and security guards even have to work for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The job of a security guard comes with little to no flexibility. Unlike many other professions, security guards are not entitled to on-demand leaves. During the working hours, a security guard is not allowed to take a decent number of breaks. It makes the job really boring, if it was not boring enough already. Standing still in one place to guard a property is never enjoyable, and when one has to do this for many hours at a stretch, it’s no surprise that the job would be really depressing. 

Truck Drivers

Just like security guards, truck drivers don’t enjoy any freedom during their working hours. Truck drivers who are employed by a company, are supposed to deliver goods in their destination within a certain deadline. This means, there is no room for a truck driver to take many breaks during their duties. The task of a truck driver is as repetitive as it gets, and it’s really tiring as well. One would barely enjoy driving a truck for 8-10 hours, taking just one or two breaks. 

The job of a truck driver is really risky as well. Truck drivers usually transport goods from place to place, and have to take highways. Highways are breeding grounds for accidents, as everyone wants to go as fast as possible. Moreover, some truck drivers work on routes that have really rough roads. Imagine being a truck driver who goes uphill, taking a narrow road, inches away from falling off the cliff. Though it sounds adventurous, it is not enjoyable at all. The worst part is, there are times when truck drivers have to do their shifts during bad weather. Rain or fog make it really difficult to drive trucks on highways. The job of a truck driver does not only come with boredom, but also risk of losing one’s life. 

High School Teachers

I know that it is a very surprising entry into this list, but hear me out. Regardless of teaching being considered as one of the noblest of professions, it does come with its fair share of depressive characteristics. 8% of teachers quit every year, and there must be a reason for it, right? Tendency of leaving teaching is higher in high school teachers. 

First of all, teaching can be quite repetitive, even though it’s interactive. Suppose you teach physics in a high school, and give the same lessons to new batches of kids every year, year after year. I would not blame someone to find it extremely boring after having continued the job for a few years. Secondly, dealing with rebellious, entitled teenagers can take a heavy toll on one’s mental health. Many students don’t have any respect for their teachers, and make life really difficult for someone who is sincerely trying to teach some lessons. And last but not the least, despite requiring college degrees, teaching does not come with the same benefits as corporate employees. Teachers don’t earn as much as executives and managers, and it can make one feel deprived. 

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