Most Trending Latvian Torrent Websites of 2020

Most Trending Latvian Torrent Websites of 2020

Discover the trending Latvian torrenting website rundown of 2020.  Unfortunately, a large portion of these sites required registration for downloading the torrent. This page data is routinely refreshed with the most recent tracker pages data of a torrent. Discover your intriguing music, software, games or film torrent in Latvian and Russian language at the greatest rundown of LAT torrent websites in English.

Presently, the Latvian torrent website trackers quantity is decreased, be that as it may, it is likewise effective models, which can offer an assortment of document sharing without interference. Since 2009, the Latvian specialists of government started to battle copyright encroachment, which has added to a few significant Latvian torrenting tracker sites to shut down.

  • at present is the greatest torrenting tracker in Latvia. The main reason behind why this website is so famous is the Russian language because many visitors from neighbourhood regions have perceived this torrenting site and as often as possible visiting it. Page connect:

  • is the famous Latvian torrenting tracker. On this site, you can discover content in the Latvian language. This torrent tracker is private and for the access of this site, the person already registered in this site needs to send you the invitation. When you get registered you can appreciate plenty of records in Latvian. Page connect: fan

  • is the most established torrenting trackers in Latvian. The torrent site was set up in 2009 and till nowadays offers music, games, movies and other torrenting documents in Latvian, Russian and English language. Page connect:

  • is a Latvian torrenting tracker which offers enrolled users to download films and music in high quality in the Latvian language. This website is glad for the way that the records are offered solely in the Latvian language. Page connect:

  • is a torrent tracker in Latvian which offers enrolled visitors to download films and music in excellent quality files in Latvian language and a wide scope of content in the Russian language. Page interface:

History of torrent trackers in Latvian

Since the year 2009, the Latvian specialists started to battle copyright encroachment, which has added to various huge and famous Latvian torrenting trackers shutting down. Different entryways attempted to adapt to new difficulties and to re-register their activities under different areas and utilize a remote server to remain on the web. Be that as it may, not every Latvian torrent figured out how to endure.

The Latvian torrent developing period was from the year 2006 – 2009 when there was the biggest number of freshly opened torrent pages. Notwithstanding, from 2009 website pages of torrent are diminishing every year.

  • is one of the most established torrent trackers focused on Russian audiences who speak Russain language. This site gives a lot of anime content. This torrent tracker of Latvian began it’s build up in 2009.

  • was the Latviantorrenting websites where you could trade with New Kickass Torrents  without enrollment and it was for nothing out of pocket. With this methodology, the torrenting tracker got snappy success and Latvian websites positioned top of the tracker list of the torrent.


It is the new site address of the shut down Latvian site. The website torrent tracker proceeded with its exercises from 2013 till mid of2016. In this site, you are able to download all kinds of torrents without enlistment in a similar way it was in the past.


Outlaw torrent tracker of Latvian had been working since 2006 and was immediately positioned to Latvian torrenting best sites. This website tracker has a free enrollment and offered a wide scope of foreign and local torrent downloads.

  • is another Latvian website address since the year 2009 and the site became one of the most mainstream torrent trackers of Latvian. To utilize this tracker you can’t be uninvolved so as to get the rights for downloading films and music torrents.


Progressed BitTorrenting Tracker (ADVBT) was a long-life torrenting tracker which halted its activities in 2014 after the financial police investigation. The ADVBT site contains games, music, films, torrent documents in the Latvian and different dialects.


One of the greatest nearby Bittorrent assets of the Russian-talking crowd was Films in Russian and various other Russian websites of torrents were accessible to enrolled visitors of the torrenting site.


FileBase was the biggest torrenting destination by a number of enrolled visitors for Latvian Russian-talking crowd. This site gives a lot of movies in Russian, just as numerous other torrents of Russia.

  • was a well known Latvian torrenting tracker. The Site figured out how to get around ~ 17’000 enrolled users. This torrent tracker had a huge torrent index where it included daily a new film, music and game torrents for the most part in English and also in the Russian language.


The second most seasoned Latvian torrenting tracker has been present since 2005. It had an enormous number of dynamic users, excellent worldwide torrent documents which included Latvian torrents.  It also gained a high position in website rankings of the torrent tracker.

  • was the biggest and most established Bittorrent torrent asset Latvian Russian-talking crowd with 20,000 enrolled users. It had for the most part films in Russian, yet additionally approached Russian torrents too.

  • was the biggest Latvian Russian-talking crowd torrent site. At website torrent included Russian movies, just as numerous Russian torrents, for example, software, games and music


Latvian torrenting trackers pages contained ~17’000 enrolled clients and offered distinctive substance, for example, music, games and music content in English, Russian and Latvian.

  • is the Latvian Russian-talking crowd torrent tracker with over ~24’000 enlisted clients. The torrent tracker generally offered Russian files with high quality.

  • Bit is a torrent tracker with just about 20,000 enlisted clients offering a wide scope of Russian and Latvian torrent film content. Page began its exercises in 2007.

  • is a Latvian torrent site which has been gradually developing since 2009. The torrenting tracker provides the famous torrent record classifications.

  • has been working since 2006. This site was rapidly arriving at Latvian best torrent trackers. This website has quality substance and a fresh torrent file was added regularly.


This article introduces a rundown of the main torrent websites you can discover in the market. The websites are introduced from various traffic reports. It is the most ideal approach to think of best torrent websites for your needs.

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