Nail Fashion Now and Then

Nail Fashion Now and Then

Nails adhered to beauty are purposefully and cosmetically indispensable to the overture of good nail care. The globally rising market for cosmetical nails reflects the essential nature of nails phenomenon.

Ancient times

Historical events have revealed the erstwhile usage of manicure and other nail art practices. Evidence shows that as far back as 4000 years ago, manicure was practiced in the southern part of Babylonia. Manicuring tools have also been found in Egypt’s royal tomb and affirms the revelation that women at that dispensation used henna to decorate their nails, though the color revealed a lot about their class and status. The royal people were to pick their own choice of color and the normal people were permitted to choose other colors apart from the chosen one. Ancient times revealed that Queen Nefertiti royals wore a particular nail color which was red to symbolize their status. It is also known that the great queen Cleopatra regularly wore colored nails which were particularly rusty red and were only to be worn by her as of her reign in Egypt. Vegetable dyes, egg whites, gelatin, beeswax and gum Arabic were the apparent raw materials for the early polish. Nail coloring was globally recognized as the symbol of wealth and status. Over the counter nail fungus treatment would be used to treat any nail fungus at that time.

Around the early 20th century, manicurists had a believer of reading people character through the shape or appearance of their fingernails. It was revealed that a woman possessing the nail shape of a triangle could not keep a secret. It was also known in their believes that a man possessing slim fingernails could not be expected to provide for people, mainly his family. It was deemed that he was lazy in nature. A person with nails of round structure had a short temper but would eventually have honesty and sincerity as a character and attribute. This just shows the different beliefs of people in ancient times.

Modern times

Northam Warren (1878-1962) who was a chemist was found to have been the originator of modern nail polish. He created the cutex cuticle remover formula and other manicure materials, making him successful.

Various nail experts have created easier lifestyle for people targeted at the production of quick drying polishes and introducing a wide range of nail color selection. Annual programs are held in particular honor of nail professionals in the industry symbolizing their uniqueness in the art. The new polish collection has given women a range of features necessary for nail beauty-won’t peel off, dries almost instantly, last long, scented and smooth.

Beautiful nails are symbols of treasure and are to be maintained and cared for. Fingernails and toenails have become a natural canvas for the overture of creativity. Nail art display this creativity as they can be sculptured, stenciled, pierced and of course painted with beautiful designs. This seasons, short square nails have been found adorable especially when colored with dark hues like dim navy. Tall and pointy nails colored in nudes have also been rumored elegant and trendy. Different nail and color styles have been noticed making one limitless with options to choose from.

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