NASA’s Landmark Deal with 3D Printing Company

Construction is a prodigious challenge in space where the Gravity doesn’t cooperate with the human being. Only the machines can survive and accomplish opulence in terms of Space Construction. It has been a sizeable challenge for NASA to hit on the ways to construct structures on the surface of the Moon or any other planet. Two things have been challenging for this entire notion.

  • Turning Over Resources
  • Artificial Edifice Construction

Various projects under the anticipation of NASA were launched to come across a solution. But the challenge still remains a feverish task for NASA. The dependency of human beings in Space is miserable to the downcast extents. Astronauts can’t make a Wiley X Sunglasses in space which they are very much using in their everyday routine in the International Space Station. They have a huge reliance. NASA turned out to minimize this dependency. Instead of pouring resources in Space Stations, NASA wants to build permanent structures on the surface of the Moon. So that other human beings can also visit the Moon. This deal was part of that motive NASA has been struggling for years for.

Pseudo 3M Printing Competition.

In 2018, NASA hauled with an idea. A competition was organized under the organization of NASA. The world’s top-rated companies were allowed to participate in the Competitions. What was the grail of this NASA-powered venture? The goal was to construct a double-story structure with the help of robotic construction machines. Obviously, a conventional structure cannot be built by a machine. 3D Construction was the next best idea. Different contestants from the planet contended for this winsome challenge. Because the contenders who win the competition would have the chance to ink an official deal with NASA to build 3M Structures on the Moon. Eventually, two top-rated tech companies managed to the tug of war. The purpose here isn’t to tell the story about who won and who made the efforts. The grail here is to throw light on the efforts NASA is making to build the 3M Structure on the Surface of the Moon. The day has finally arrived when NASA inked a deal with a 3M Construction Company for building the structures on the face of Earth. It is the company that also won that Construction Competition organized by NASA.

Landmark NASA-ICON Deal.

NASA has finally inked the Deal with ICON. The deal was signed with a budget of $14 Million. The prime task is to build a 3M Printed Structure on the Moon. So that the research of NASA becomes more dynamic. It is also a test case run by NASA so that the adopted method can also be used to build the structure on other planets under consideration of NASA. As it comes to ICON, they have recently released a video in which they have expounded about the 3M Construction Technology and their Means & Modalities of construction on the surface of the Moon. They intend to stick with their conventional 3M Printing Technology they have used in various internationally accomplished missions. According to the content of the Video, the structure is round more like a Double Storey Furnace that can embrace the very harsh environment of Space. But they haven’t yet disclosed the configuration of the material of 3M Construction which they are going to build with. The timeframe of their launch to the Moon isn’t yet disclosed by NASA. Experts are hoping that the NASA may schedule the launch by 2025.

A Step into the Future.

When man first made the plane, he didn’t know it would evaluate in Fighting Jets in flying Space Mission. The man who invented the lens didn’t know that it would one day be used to Hubble Telescope to see far away galaxies. The man who invented glasses didn’t know it would evolve into Tech-Embedded Wiley X Eyewear. NASA has accomplished the deal to build 3M Structure on the surface of the Moon with the collaboration of ICON. But the NASA & ICON themselves don’t know where it would lead one day. Because this deal is just a baby step into the future. It just the start of a new chapter and a new story as hundreds of stories started in the history of mankind with a baby step.

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