Pro Tips on Choosing the Right Camera Bag

Pro Tips on Choosing the Right Camera Bag

As a budding photographer, you may have spent a whopping amount on a good camera and lens. Since keeping it safe from damage is important, you will also want to buy a good camera bag. With so much variety available, it can often be difficult to choose one that’s just right. Some handy tips from professional photographers:

Pick the Right Size

The size of the camera bag you want to buy will depend on how much photography equipment you want to carry with you. You will also want some extra capacity for your future requirements. While this is bound to increase the size of the bag, you should know where to stop. A large bag can be not only unwieldy but also too heavy to carry around comfortably on long excursions. When picking a bag, make sure that your camera fits inside comfortably and is large enough to accommodate the accessories. Packing light will ensure you can keep the weight down, according to a Forbes report.

Select the Style That Suits You

The three most popular styles are backpacks, sling bags, and roller bags. While a backpack can free your hands for handling the camera and lenses and is more comfortable to carry, it can make quick access to equipment difficult. It is also generally heavier. A sling bag combines the benefit of a shoulder bag and a backpack. It is ideal for lighter loads and is more comfortable for extended use. Accessing your equipment is also relatively easier. Roller bags can carry the maximum equipment and are easy to transport on flat surfaces but can hamper your mobility outdoors and may need to be sometimes left behind because of their bulk and weight when shooting outdoors. Depending on where you are shooting, you may need to use multiple camera bags. You can view a great selection of camera bags on the website of the HoldFast Gear Company.

Go For the Best Quality You Can Afford

With camera bags being quite expensive, you should try to pick the best quality you can buy. Not only will a good quality bag last longer but also it will protect your precious camera equipment better. Ensure that the bag has removable padded inserts so that you can customize the interior to your requirement and prevent the equipment from knocking against each other and getting damaged. Test out the zippers to make sure they are heavy-duty because the last thing you want is a zipper that is stuck or one that opens up unexpectedly causing your stuff to fall out. The waterproof material is the best to keep your equipment protected from the elements. Go in for a model that has a cable lock as well as lockable zippers to safeguard your equipment.


If you follow the above-mentioned tips, the chances are that you will end up making a good choice. The best way of buying a good-quality camera bag is to first decide on what you want it to do. Photography shoots can be diverse and a bag that is great for indoor shoots may fail you when faced with the challenges of the outdoors.

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