Quick And Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance Tips

Congratulations! You’re now an official homeowner. All hard work is paid off now that you achieve your dream house. But your home responsibilities don’t end there. You still have to properly maintain your new home. 

Home maintenance is an intimidating task, especially if you don’t know how it’s done. The fear of doing further damage instead of fixing the faulty faucet is there. You can always ask for maintenance help, however, it is too pricey. It’s better if you can do it on your own. 

Learn the various ways of DIY or do-it-yourself home maintenance tips. Understand why it’s a must-know. 

Importance Of Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance

There are a lot of DIY home maintenance perks, and here are some of them. 

Saves Money

Contrary to most people’s belief, DIY home maintenance saves more money. At first, you need extra cash which sometimes leads to asking from a lender such as Cash Mart Singapore for help. But rest assured, you’ll spend less in the long run. 

For every dollar you spend on preventive maintenance, approximately $100 of future repair is saved. Take care of minor problems like clogged drain now to prevent larger issues later. Thus, avoiding high-cost major repair. 

Appliances Run Efficiently 

DIY home maintenance is a tedious task if not done regularly. Clean appliances and other parts of your home to keep them usable. If not, your home will become less efficient. 

Your fridge won’t function effectively if the evaporator coils are dirty. You pay more electricity without your food being cooled. But with proper maintenance, you use less energy and lower your utility bills. 

Increases Home Value

Aside from the market, home value increases the longer you own a home. Furthermore, a properly maintained house and appliance have a positive effect on it’s worth. 

As home inspectors find fewer issues, you’ll end up getting more money out of the home. The value gets higher if you had DIY home maintenance and improvements. 

See how much you can get if you handle your own home. Learn more about DIY home maintenance and benefits in the future. 

Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance Tips

Oftentimes, professional labor for repairs is costly. Instead of paying others, why don’t you do it yourself? Be careful though. You need preparation and complete preparation for the task. Here are the common DIY home maintenance tips. 

Fix A Running Toilet

A leaking toilet can spike your water bill. Check it by putting a food coloring (preferably red) in the tank. Return after an hour and see if the color leaches out. 

If the leak is from the tank to the bowl, replace the flapper inside the tank. On the other hand, if the leak is around the toilet base, it needs a toilet replacement. 

Repair Leaky Faucets

Usually, leaky faucets are caused by worn-out washers. It wears out quickly since it is rubber inside the faucet handle. 

Replacing it is easy, but first, turn off the main water supply. Unscrew the leaky handle and remove the old washer. Then, place in the new one. 

Inspect Washing Machine

Regularly inspect washing machine water supply hoses for leaks. It is advisable to do it annually for water damage prevention. 

If there are any signs of leaking, damage or rust around the metal ends, replace it immediately. Otherwise, replace it every three years. In addition, remove lint from the dryer’s lint trap after every use. Any material left is a serious fire hazard. 

Check Refrigerator Door Seals

Refrigerators function efficiently through door seals. It is responsible for keeping the fridge cold inside. If it fails, the fridge won’t work properly and lifespan becomes short. 

Test the door seals. Close the refrigerator door on a piece of paper and attempt to pull it out. If you can’t pull it out, the seals are good. But if it slides without much resistance, replace the door seals. It is available at any home repair outlet store. 

In addition, check the condenser coil behind your fridge. Dust it off with a vacuum at least once a year. 

Replace Air Conditioner Filters

The most overlooked appliance for regular maintenance is air conditioner. Any damage repair is costly. 

Replace HVAC filters regularly – every 6 months. Every 30 to 90 days, if someone has asthma or allergies. This DIY home maintenance tip reduces strain on your AC and keeps indoor air clean and healthy. 


Keep the water flowing freely on your pipes by: 

Never pour fats and other oils in the drains. Run hot water down the drain together with a dishwashing liquid if it accidentally spills. The soap prevents the clog by emulsifying the oil down the drain. 
Get a hair strainer in the bathroom. Always remove accumulated hair after each shower. It reduces the amount of hair that stocks in your plumbing. 

Clean The Gutters

One of the most important DIY home maintenance is cleaning the gutter. Do it at least twice a year – spring and fall. 

Get up on a ladder. Remove debris from the gutters by hand. Flush debris from downspouts with a hose and plumber’s snake. 

Look At The Roof

While cleaning the gutters, look at your roof. Find for missing, cracked, or damaged shingles. If there’s gritty black residue, check if you need to reshingle the roof. 

DIY home maintenance does not require special training. It doesn’t need a lot of time and money. However, being knowledgeable is important. It pays to read, search, and ask to successfully maintain your home. 

DIY home maintenance will not only save you money. It also increases the longevity of the appliances and existing structures. Moreover, it helps you become more energy-efficient and save money on utility bills.


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