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The insane outbreak of coronavirus has transformed everything. The world is now relying on technology and IT services to continue with work during the changing times. The use of web-enabled devices is the highest in today’s environment and are predicted to rise exponentially.Adopting cloud computing and cloud IT services can bring several benefits to your business. It helps to set up a virtual office and give you the much-needed flexibility during the pandemic. From a reduced cost of maintaining and managing your IT systems to giving you scalability in business operation, cloud IT services are taking the hype. For small businesses, adopting cloud computing can bring other advantages too. With the usage of the latest technology, collaborate effectively, get flexibility in work practices, and get more continuity in business. On the other hand, access to automatic updates is needed when one is working in fierce competition.

In order to manage traffic and deploy infrastructure faster in an affordable way, a business can cloud IT infrastructure rental services. In the mid of something like this, we need certain and quality services provide so that we can take care of our other business factors. To completely utilize the benefits of online cloud IT infrastructure, reaching a reliable platform is equally important. In this blog, you will come across one of the best cloud IT infrastructure rental service providers- Serverspace.

About Us

Serverspace is a company that provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It is a platform that lets you cut the cost of buying and installing operating systems and virtualization technology by giving them economical renting prices. The speed to deployment, aggregation of resources, and security are other main reasons why companies prefer external infrastructure to run their business online. If you are looking for the same, then you can grab innovative cloud solutions at this platform.

Serverspace homes a team of IT tech geeks who are experts in configuring and deploying virtual servers and network circuits. Moreover, you can get SSL certificates and monitor & administer domain zones. The main motive of the company is to make the usage of cloud computing easier. The professionals here at the platform deploy a virtual infrastructure proficiently. You don’t need to think about technical things when you are here.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Top Ten Validator

Recently, our passion and dedication towards uplifting you with our services have made us pass the “The Crystal Game” contest held by the Free TON community. We are now on the list of the top ten validators who are granted official access to the Free TON blockchain network.

  1. Launch of DePool

We have also launched along with a loyalty program for TON crystals cryptocurrency holders. It would make the stakers to get a bonus of 10% with their remuneration. It was important because most of the TON crystal holders needed cloud resources. So, in order to make it a more enjoyable experience, we have mentioned the bonus.

  1. Continuous Advancements

The zeal and the speed with which we want to serve our customers is making us stand out from the rest. In order to make restoring OS easier; we have developed a new feature. It enables the users to add a function to restore OS from the image. The main thought behind the development of this new feature was to simplify the process.

In addition to that, the launch of Public API Service is on the list. Now, all the actions available in the control panel can be performed with public API.

4.Our enriched list of services

  • Broad Geopositioning
  • Enhanced Security
  • Breakthrough Performance
  • Enterprise-class equipment
  1. Better Hardware

Deploying the hardware becomes easy with our powerful Xeon Gold CPUs, blazing NVMe SSDs, Geekbench Champ.

You can also choose from our pre-built software and preconfigured templates to save time. They are available on Windows, FreeBSD, Centos, Debian, and Ubuntu. Moreover, our 1-click apps are coming soon to fit our list of services provided.

The Bottom Line

Getting started with Serverspace is easy. Our expert technicians are here to guide you with the information. Also, we have made migration simple.You can use all cloud capabilities and build a strong and robust cloud environment.

Nothing to stress about. You can start your cloud journey with us.

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