Smart Ways To Build Customer Trust Using Online Contests

Smart Ways To Build Customer Trust Using Online Contests

Every business understands the importance of building brand loyalty through infusing trust in their product or service. But when it comes to the digital world, most businesses fail to translate the same trust-building measures for their brand online. Online contests are the best way to engage with the audience, let them make aware of the products and services, and infuse trust on-the-go. Holding online contests serves two purposes: first, it helps a brand present their product to the customer, and second, it lets the brand know what works with their target audience. Here are some of the smart ways to build customer’s trust using online contests.

Make use of chatbots intelligently.

Online contests help drive interaction with the brand wherein the target audience is also sharing data that can be utilized later on. Giving discount vouchers, instant cashback, special offers coupled with bank offers, and referral codes are offered in the online contests to reward them for their participation. Loyal customers can also enroll in loyalty programs, which give them added benefits in the form of additional discounts and early buying opportunities for upcoming popular products.

Deployment of the chatbots on the contest pages is great for the customer experience. It helps customers by interacting with them and letting them know the different rules and regulations governing online contests. Chatbots also helps in clearing the customer’s doubts by offering quick replies for several frequently asked questions. Make sure your online contests are backed by smart chatbots to keep the customers engaged and build trust in your brand organically.

Become a social media active brand

Businesses usually use social media platforms to promote their upcoming products and online contests centered around it. The most widely used social media platforms here are Facebook, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and others. Marketing campaigns and strategies are designed to deliver online contests to the target audience in a phased and balanced manner. When customers see a particular online contest that offers an incredible product or service at a discounted rate, there are queries bound to emerge.

Having an active social media presence will help gain customers’ trust, especially if you are a new business. Secondly, users will be able to share their queries in the comment section, and being active on the platform will help get instant or quick responses from the brand itself. So keep posting and engaging with the customers on all your social media platforms’ consistency to build trust and gain the audience’s loyalty in the long run.

Bonus Tip: When you promote your contest on social media, you have to follow your competitor’s method for finding fake votes. Remember that many contestants buy votes for contest to increase the volume of votes.

The key to success is personalized marketing strategies.

If you want to achieve a better success rate with your upcoming online contests, make sure they are personalized based on your target audience’s taste. Personalized digital marketing strategies help connect with the audience instantly as people can see connections between the brand and their needs. Personalized strategies tend to resonate with the audience better and help boost the sale and increase the trust in the brand.

A brand should understand that offering steep discounts on its products can only help grab customer attention in online contests. The personalized marketing strategy helps in showing value and trust in the service or product offering. In your communication, be clear about how your said product and service helps resolve the pain points of the customers effectively. This will enable your brand to gain customer trust and loyalty and eventually follow when your marketing efforts are designed around their needs.

Now make sure your online contest uses intelligent chatbots, your brand has an active social media presence, and your marketing strategies are personalized for maximum benefit.

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