Social media monitoring: social media monitoring tools for companies of all sizes

Social media monitoring entails listening in on related social media discussions about your company, products, solutions, rivals, and market. Businesses also use social media monitoring to engage with their clients, provide customer service, track their product’s social media reach, and understand social media trends, to name a few.

Social media monitoring tools help track your social media activity by tracking keywords, hashtags, and URLs, as well as finding relevant social mentions. The market is flooded with social media tracking software. First, you must gain a thorough understanding of these tools to choose the best social media marketing apps. We’ve compiled a list of social media monitoring tools for companies of all sizes in this article.


HootSuite is an enterprise-level package for analyzing and monitoring social media responses. It enables real-time monitoring of relevant search words. Hootsuite integrates with various sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube. Hootsuite enables you to access and post your RSS feeds more easily and quickly through your social media channels. Additionally, Hootsuite integrates with several third-party applications, including Hootsuite Insights, Hootsuite syndicate Pro, Brandwatch, and ReviewInc, enabling you to perform nearly all tasks from its dashboard.


With Statusbrew’s engage function, you can monitor and track your brand’s mentions on the world’s most popular social networking site – Twitter. In contrast to other social media monitoring software, it is significantly less expensive and has superior features. Its listening function enables real-time and analysis of any Twitter subject, hashtag, brand, or industry. You may ascertain not only what people say but also their emotions and any relevant context.


Mention is an all-in-one solution for managing your various social media interactions. It has a section reserved for premium labels. It includes several features that enable you to delegate authority, assign tasks to your team, track team activity, create and share notifications, generate reports, and import reports.

Falcon demonstrates its superiority as a social media listening platform by listening to social media, engaging viewers, producing responses, and report generation. Additionally, is unmatched in terms of brand growth. You will spread your brand further because it enables you to track your brand’s participation, top influencers’ participation, and big shot’s hot conversation on your brand’s topics, among other things. helps social media marketers to build company brands that stand out in their industry. You may combine your data with the company’s social media data to increase customer engagement and attract new prospects or influencers. Falcon supports the following social media sites: YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Buzzsumo is one of the unique free social media tracking tools available. It’s not just about monitoring your social media posts; it’s also a kit for social media content analysis and a great way to evaluate and track your Facebook accounts. Along with its social media monitoring info, it excels at content promotion.


Keyhole focuses on Twitter and Instagram. Monitoring and tracking The mentions is just a portion of social listening. The critical task is to understand the market trend and the impact of competitors on your specific domain. To accomplish such a critical mission, Keyhole would be the preferred method. Keyhole provides you with trending information, perspectives, and in-depth analysis for your hashtags and keywords. This enables you to assess your success and identify areas for improvement in your approach.

To run a successful brand, you must pay attention to both desirable and undesirable brand perceptions on all channels. Thank goodness, with the growth in technology, we now have an abundance of social media tracking and listening resources. By now, you’ve already realized that we have lots of social listening tools. Thus, when selecting a social media-tracking platform for your team, it’s a good idea to experiment with a few different options and then choose the one that’s best for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities of advanced social media monitoring tools, don’t hesitate to contact our NetbaseQuid team.

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