‘Star Trek: Picard’ Finale, Explained: Patrick Stewart’s Fate Is Revealed at Last


Spoilers in advance for the period finale of Star Trek: Picard
The tenth episode of Star Trek: Picard’s first season sent an intriguing year finale that wrapped up the principal story arc of the present so much, when also supplying glimpses at what is to come in Year 2 (and, possibly, over and above). The finale ends with a standoff amongst the Romulans and Starfleet. Right after Soji, Data’s android daughter, chose to damage the beacon that would have identified as in intergalactic synthetic intelligence to demolish organic lifetime, the Romulans selected to withdraw, somewhat than engage in battle with Starfleet. The ban on synthetics is lifted, and Picard, Soji, and their new crew go out into the unknown as a uncovered spouse and children.
But there are still several concerns still left lingering right after the finale’s conclusion: First, and most surprising, facilities on Jean-Luc Picard’s death. The good admiral died of a mind abnormality (1st introduced in the Star Trek: The Up coming Era finale “All Superior Things”). In advance of he pale away, however, Drs. Agnes Jurati and Altan Soong transferred his recollections and consciousness into an artificial system. It seems like Picard, it appears like Picard — for all intents and needs, it is Picard. It’s just an android edition of him.
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This new sense of self for Picard might have ramifications on the place the sequence heads in its next year. 1 of the causes Jean-Luc felt most strongly about in this to start with time was the wrongness of the Federation’s ban on synthetic existence. Now that it has turn into very clear the Romulans ended up driving the assault on Mars — the celebration that specifically led to a ban on all artificial intelligence — Starfleet has rescinded the directive. What will this new frontier of AI glimpse like? Each Dr. Agnes Jurati and Dr. Altan Soong are at the forefront of this research, and Soji and Picard are androids. When they no lengthier have Data’s positronic neurons to operate from (the finale delivered a unhappy and fitting goodbye to the legendary character), Dr. Soong has created a great deal far more androids to work with. Wherever will synthetic intelligence go from in this article?
The next season could decide up this path, telling a new tale about synthetic everyday living, specifically considering the simple fact that the intergalactic synthetic intelligence — the just one that the Romulan key organization the Zhat Vash had been performing versus and Soji was making an attempt to summon in the period finale — now appreciates about these androids. What is this intelligence? We know it is considerably older than Command, the synthetic everyday living that made more than the program of Star Trek: Discovery’s 2nd time, but there are absolutely similarities amongst the way Handle looked and the glimpse we received of this artificial daily life.
There is also the challenge of whether or not there is a Borg connection to this intelligence. The origins of the Borg are murky at best (we discover a small about them in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Dragon’s Teeth” — fundamentally that they’ve been around for about a thousand many years, and that the Borg’s own information of that time period of time are fragmentary), and it’s fairly doable the Romulan myths could refer to some kind of Borg-adjacent artificial daily life. The inclusion of Seven of 9 on the crew also lends credence that the next year could have a Borg-focused storyline.
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If La Sirena does not pursue this synthetic intelligence route, the 2nd season could continue to have a Borg-centric storyline. Just one of the requests Hugh (very first seen in The Upcoming Generation episode “I, Borg”) gently built of Picard was to advocate for the ex-Borg. There is no improved way to honor his untimely death than to acquire up the induce he dedicated his existence to. Seven and Jean-Luc are the two ex-Borg on their own, and possibly they will be able to come across a place for this reviled group of folks.
One detail about Picard’s second time is crystal clear: It will attribute the return of admirer-favorite forged users from The Next Generation. Patrick Stewart has presently publicly asked Whoopi Goldberg to return as his confidante and trusted adviser, Guinan. Brent Spiner may possibly reappear as Soong, and with any luck , we’ll see a return of the Rikers, as well as find out what Geordi La Forge, Dr. Beverly Crusher, and Worf have been up to all these decades.

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