StriveAV – The Leading Provider of AV Technologies

Each day, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide benefit from StriveAV audio visual (AV) processing of signals, along with distribution, and controlling products. Our advanced technologies produce better pictures, high quality sound and systems found to be easy to use and reliable. Our influential asset management applications and tools enable technology professionals in business and education to efficiently cope with numerous AV (audio visual) systems.

The leading provider of AV technologies

Audio visual control systems and technologies of AV systems play a central role in any type of organization as they seek to constantly improve the means of communication. Whether you want to teach, make decisions, collaborate, monitor, notify, inspire or entertain, well-designed systems of AV enable the presentation of high-quality audio content and video for effective information sharing wherever required.

StriveAV solutions are designed to carry out various tasks together to create a comprehensive technological solution that integrates effortlessly into your IT infrastructure. StriveAV products provide system creators with a wide range of options, allowing them to choose the best solution for every application from more than five thousand product choices. With award-winning service, industry-recognized technical training; this where the StriveAV Satisfaction is guarantee, we’ll always be there for you.

Key or primary markets

StriveAV’s AV technology serves the various requirements of establishments worldwide. The professionalism in our essential business of developing innovative solutions in all areas of AV technology is complemented by excellent knowledge and a profound understanding of clients’ needs in a variety of upright markets.

StriveAV offers expert consulting services to corporate, educational, and government institutions, and assisting designers and integrators, with over 30 years of experience in the audiovisual business. We offer useful information for making AV investment decisions, creating an AV strategy, aligning policy with core goals of the business, selecting appropriate solutions to assure interoperability, planning continuous end-user support, and making for technologies of the future.

The key Markets where our technology is implemented and installed:

  • Company
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Judiciary
  • Training rooms
  • Entertainment
  • Schools (all grades)
  • Colleges, institutes and universities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail industry
  • Churches and other places of worship
  • Hospitality/conferences

AV wend applications

In every environment with AV systems and applications, which means almost everywhere today, StriveAV technologies play an important role. They improve communication, promote learning processes, simplify cooperation and create a pleasant atmosphere. With over 5,000 products, we have the right equipment for projects of almost any size and budget. Every day, AV system designers and integrators around the world use StriveAV products to make an ideal answers for a consistently growing variety of environments and applications.

  • Training rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Areas for workgroups / huddle spaces
  • Board meeting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Lecture halls
  • Conference and congress venues
  • Hospitals/medical training facilities
  • Courtrooms
  • Legislative and municipal bodies
  • Control stations and control centers
  • Simulation/virtual reality environments
  • Alarm centers
  • Shopping malls/restaurants
  • Amusement parks/casinos
  • Museums/concert halls
  • Places of worship/churches
  • Sports halls/multipurpose rooms
  • Fitness rooms

StriveAV products switch, distribute, stream, and regulate audiovisual signals while maintaining signal integrity from any source to any destination. They’ve been precisely designed to deliver best-in-class performance, excellent energy efficiency, and unmatched dependability.

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Each device works in tandem with others to form complete AV systems. All items are simple to install and offer straightforward operation to the end user thanks to a well-thought-out, iterative product development process.

Our product range includes:

  • Av control systems
  • Signal converter
  • Video switchers and routers
  • Distribution amplifier
  • Video signal processors
  • Twisted pair-system
  • Fiber optic systems
  • Off ‑ streaming systems
  • Audio amplifiers and signal processors
  • Speaker
  • Classroom AV systems
  • Installation and AV connection solutions
  • High resolution cable

Our sophisticated asset management programs provide audiovisual content management and support across buildings, campuses, and companies, while our AV control system software tools expedite the adoption of intuitive AV control systems.

2018's Coolest New Audio Visual Technology - AVS Installations

StriveAV was the first company to provide AV control systems that could be customized. Furthermore, our Configurator Global software allows for the easy setup of sophisticated, intuitive control systems.

For the most demanding AV media controls, we provide our Global Scripter ®, a feature-rich development environment based on the Python scripting language. Coupled with our exclusive ControlScript ® Python library, programmers have all the tools they need to develop finely tuned programmable control systems.

Technical excellence and innovation

StriveAV is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies to drive progress. Our technical innovations have been recognized with over 100 patents to date. Technical talent is critical to our success as a leading AV manufacturer. That’s why we employ over 600 engineers dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of our products. Our R&D and testing departments span 23,000 square meters and include state-of-the-art testing laboratories. We also have a multi-million dollar budget for engineering equipment and testing facilities. These extensive engineering resources allow us to develop and deploy core technologies that improve performance,

Because we develop our core technologies in-house, we have the greatest possible control over how our products perform in real-world environments. We are constantly refining the performance and features of our products based on user feedback. The deep understanding of the key technologies of our products enables us to offer support at the highest level. This is how we can master the challenges of interoperability of constantly developing signal and display technologies.

Digital Video

Proven technologies ensure signal integrity, device compatibility, hassle-free transfer of copy-protected content, and ultra-fast switching

Energy efficiency

Highly efficient Everlast™ power supplies and ENERGY STAR ® qualified amplifiers

AV Control Panel

Powerful, configurable and programmable control systems and global software for AV asset management

Streaming technologies

Standard streaming hardware and software and the patented PURE3 codec technology, a wavelet-based compression technology that features low latency and visually lossless compression. The original quality of the source and the native resolution are preserved.

Advanced video signal processing

The Vector 4K upscaler is specially designed to deliver reliable 4K picture quality with best-in-class upscaling and downscaling


Patented Flat Field ® speaker design, CDRS™ technology for exceptional audio quality and a powerful ProDSP™ audio platform

Market-leading technology training

StriveAV is the world’s leading provider of training to the professional AV industry, with over 12,000 participants annually. We offer a comprehensive training and certification program to keep our customers up to date with new technologies and product developments.

Each new generation of AV technology brings new opportunities and challenges. Technology training courses developed by StriveAV provide essential knowledge and practical information on tools and advanced techniques. This enables AV system designers to develop reliable systems that meet customer expectations.

StriveAV certifications provide advanced training in designing, installing, and optimizing AV systems using StriveAV products. In addition to classroom instruction, all of our certification training courses include hands-on exercises and tests. This confirms the ability to accomplish critical tasks.

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