The Best Fatty Acid Supplement for 2021

For nearly everyone, fat is a negative word. Fat is something we try to avoid eating and feel guilty about indulging in when we do. Fat is something we usually hope, pray and sweat our way out of gaining even an ounce of! Occasionally trendy diets allow us to experiment with eating fat, but even then it’s hard to shake off the stigma attached to anything with ‘fat’ in it.

However, ladies and gentlemen, time are changing. Fatty acid supplements can bring a world of good, and help us work towards health goals we want to achieve. Keep reading to find out more about the best fatty acid supplement for 2021.

How do these supplements work?

Saturated fat is known to be bad for us. But when you get down to the science of it, saturated fatty acids can be divided into two categories: even and odd chain, named for the number of carbon atoms they carry.

Even-chain saturated fats are associated with inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and more. Think burgers, pizza, and fried food… But odd-chain saturated fats balance immunity, increase heart, liver and red blood cell health, and contribute to a robust metabolism.

What is an essential fatty acid?

C15 is a recently discovered essential fatty acid which sustains good health. It strengthens cell membranes, boosts mitochondria, and promotes mind and body health. What is an essential fatty acid, you ask? An essential fatty acid is one which enhances our health, but is not naturally produced by the body. That means you need to consume it on your own.

You probably have already heard of omega-3 fatty acid supplements, and all the benefits they offer. C15 is similar to omega-3, but with a few differences:

  • omega-3 is made from fish oils, which gives it that fishy, ocean smell. C15 is made from oderless, tasteless ingredients- which most people consider to be a positive attribute!
  • omega-3 makes our cells flexible, while C15 makes our cells strong
  • omega-3 requires a large dose of 2000-3000mg per day, while C15 requires only a small dose of 100mg to benefit

C15 is basically a more enhanced version of omega-3. It helps your cells get stronger, so they can fight against aging and all sorts of bad guys who want to detract from our health. Plus, it’s vegan!

How often should I take it?

Studies have shown that taking just one capsule of fatty15 C15 powder per day helps your body to become more resilient and protects your cells from premature breakdown. Unlike many vitamins and supplements, it doesn’t taste bad or make your breath smell weird, so it will be a pleasant addition to your daily routine, with only benefits and no side effects.

How did we learn about this?

C15 has an interesting backstory. The concept was first stumbled upon by scientists studying dolphins. Yes, you read that right! The research originally had nothing to with humans. Scientists, veterinarians and researchers compared bottlenose dolphins swimming near Califoria with those swimming near Florida, and realized that the Florida dolphins had fewer aging-related conditions.

After analyzing the diets of both groups, the researchers established that the two groups ate different types of fish. The Florida dolphins’ diet consisted of fish with higher levels of C15 fatty acid. This ultimately led to the realization that humans could also benefit from higher levels of C15, and the supplement was born.


Better cellular health is within reach, so what are you waiting for? With all these benefits, C15 is sure to be a great addition to your 2021 health regime.

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