The Profitability of Book Publishing

If any magic has ever taken place, it is through the books. Historically, people have converted their experiences of an event or lives into writing masterpieces that have revolutionized the fates of masses around the globe. However, it is not easy to become a successful author these days.

The success and profitability of a book lie with the number of readers. While publishing agencies also provide a solid readership base to authors, yet the latter must attract the readers with the quality of content, particularly related to the needs of the audience.

With the advent of technology, the era of library reading has gone, and people now have changed their reading habits tremendously.

Since the publishing business is becoming increasingly profitable, the publishing environment has become increasingly competitive for the new authors, particularly, in terms of content writing, cost of promoting, and stress of sales maximizing.

Moreover, Tenesha L. Curtis, the Publishing Manager at Volo Press Books has recognized that the book publishers for new authors make the publishing process further tedious by confusing requirements regarding typesetting, images, editing, and revisions.

Furthermore, self-publishing has also become an increasing norm these days, which lies all the responsibility of making the book successful on the authors.

Hence, it is necessary to understand the marketing requirements to publish a book to increase reader-baseand profitability during content writer, prerelease, and after release.

Focus on Marketing during Content Writing

With the rise of self-publishing, the number of book authors and publishers has remarkably increased. Hence, success and profitability rely on adopting adequate marketing tactics, which start from the writing process.

  • Write Problem-Oriented Content: People now seek guidance from books to resolve their problems. Authors who choose specific problems in their books, and discuss their solutions, often get greater success.
  • Design an Attractive Book Cover: Selling happens through the eyes. A book cover is what the readers will see first. Hence, designing a successful marketing campaign depends on an attractive book cover.
  • Writing a Truthful Book Description: The first thing that the readers consult in the books is its description. Authors should try to write the description as truthful as possible to build the trust of the readers.

Prerelease Promotion

Once the problem-solution masterpiece has been written, it’s time to tell the people what gift the authors have for their potential readers. The marketing activities at this stage include:

  • Choosing the Target Audience: A plant out of its place is weed. Similarly, the book will only become successful when it will be marketed in its target audience and niche.
  • Keywords Selection: A marketing campaign relies on keywords. Authors should choose keywords for the problem and audience they have targeted.
  • Social Media Buzz: Prerelease promotion on social media requires writing promo texts, designing attractive banners, and creating video trailers.

After Release

            Although, the book publishers for new authors help great deals for increasing their readership, yet the authors also have the responsibility to move to the next stage of marketing after the release of their books.

  • Getting Reviews: Honest reviews bestow trust in your book. New authors can try gifting their books to renowned authors and request reviews. There are several potential reviewer sites as well, such as Goodreads where authors can get unbiased reviews for their books.
  • Promotion on Social Media: After the release, the importance of Social Media further increases. Authors should promote their books on related blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Pricing: New authors should compare the prices of similarly published contents on various publishing platforms, and start with a minimal affording price to attract customers. Once, the book starts getting the significant attention of the customers, authors can increase the price.
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