The most stunning birthday ideas

There is no doubt that everyone wants to celebrate their birthday in a special way. The Western version of the celebration with a traditional cake and candles is no longer a surprise. In fact, there are tons of other options in the world that have nothing to do with sugar rush. And today you will learn about them. We have compiled a special selection of the most creative ideas for an unforgettable celebration that will help you plan this momentous day in an amazing way. So, let’s go …

Make a Video Card 

Make a special video card for your friend or the birthday girl. You can make and edit it by using a birthday video maker app. Believe me he would love it.

Have a tree party

However, there is one catch: you must have a backyard and a sturdy tree. It will take several days to build, so you should plan it a few days before the big date. …The idea looks a little strange, but how unusual. What will only be the preparation for the celebration itself. One drawback: you won’t invite many guests. But only the closest and dearest will gather.

Fruit and vegetable party

Have you heard of the Tomatina Festival? This is one of the most famous festivals in Spain, during which up to 150 tons of tomatoes are used per hour. Of course, your party will need several times less. Organization and financial costs will be minimal and pleasure maximized. If you dream of taking a dip in tomato juice or getting a soft slap in the face with juicy pulp – take note of this idea!

Blind party

Meet your guests right at the entrance with blindfolds so they can experience all the “delights” of the idea right from the door. Arrange a dance party, choosing in advance for each the same “blind” partner. Believe me, it will be funny, especially if the whole action is recorded on a video camera. Laughter and fun in the house are guaranteed for you!

Surprise party

The planned celebrations are exciting, but sometimes quite boring. After all, you know in advance what to expect. How about unplanned and spontaneous holidays? Gather your friends and invite them to write an idea for the celebration on a piece of paper, mix everything and blindly choose 1-2 from the proposed ideas. There is no limit to imagination: it can be anything, be it a campfire, a concert, a visit to an amusement park, bike drive, karaoke, etc.

Birthday is a children’s holiday

Why don’t you celebrate your day as a child? Remember how that day went when you were a child. You used to be so excited about planning, decorating your home with balloons, ribbons, etc.

The idea is incredibly simple: plan your birthday party at home and call your friends. Decorate your home, order a large candlestick cake and play the games you played as a kid. Go back in time to your old school days and revive those feelings.

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