The Most Traded Stocks on NYSE in 2020 and Why

The Most Traded Stocks on NYSE in 2020 and Why

The Trading world is an ever-changing place. The trading market is usually a direct representation of the state of our economy. It also clearly shows the present state, but it can also show where the economy is going and what path is taking. Understanding these concepts might seem very straightforward: See what people are buying and investing at, and you will know what is going on or what they are planning for the future.

Sometimes, it’s not that simple as some stocks might be bought only due to good marketing. Having a clear analytical mind is just one of the prerequisites you need to anticipate the market correctly. You need to know the market and knowledge of the market’s past, as noticing trends can help you a lot in the future. Or you can find a good article and find out the most traded stocks on the New York Stock exchange and then, based on that, start making your financial decisions.

Types of rising stocks 

As with any complicated things, their understanding and consequently making money off of them does not always yield one result. There are different strategies and metrics, and while some stocks may appear in more of these types of metrics, their diversity is big enough for us to stay interested and not neglect them.

There are three different types of factors that are important and interesting for traders.

They are Value investing, growth investing, and Momentum Investing.

Top Value-based stocks to invest in 

Analyzing Value investing is a strategy of picking stocks trading at their sub value, meaning they are being traded for less Value than they should have by default. For example, if you think that a particular business has less Value than it should be based on its price-to-earnings ratio, you can expect that the store’s price will catch on in the future, and it would be a smart move to invest now.

Some of the good for Value investing in 2020 are Brookfield Property Reit and NRG Energy Inc.

Brookfield is a diversified real estate company with over 2000 assets in 30 countries in their portfolio. And it aims to generate long terms returns on equity of 12%-15%. Such a robust real estate investment trust is highly underpriced as it is, and we can expect it to grow in the next years or even months.

NRG Energy services to approximately 3.7 million customers across the U.S.NRG Energy announced in late August that the acquisition of Direct Energy was just steps away and a done deal. The settlement is to be closed by the end of this year, which will influence the already underpriced Value of this company to skyrocket.

Top growth based stocks to invest in 

This strategy targets businesses that will grow significantly faster than the market as a whole. The primary metric used here ( even though there are many different ones ) is profits measured as earnings per share or EPS. This happens because these companies show consistent growth in profits, and the investor will want a part of those profits, making the stock rise in price. These stocks have the highest year to year earning per share growth for most of the quarter and sometimes even a year.

One of the fastest-growing stocks would be Zoom Video Communications Inc and Inc.

Due to this Coronavirus Pandemic, a lot of people got to learn the Value of Zoom. This platform supports up to 1000 video participants and even 10000 viewers on a single conference call. Due to this pandemic, the number of video meetings on zoom has seen significant growth, and their net income growth was 3256.6% on revenue growth of 355%. is a cloud-based software company that offers CRM solutions to more than 150000 companies. Their reported net income growth of 2784.6% on revenue growth of 28.9% is awe-inspiring. The most significant reason for this type of success is their successful investments that brought a lot of gains, and this year’s benefits from their income taxes compared to last year.

Top Momentum based stocks in 2020

This strategy involves investors picking the stocks who have already shown prices higher than the market as a whole – under the pretense, the stocks that have outperformed the market will continue to do so. The logic behind it is that the factor causing the stock to exceed has not disappeared and is still there, meaning that the trend will probably continue.

Some of the top stocks to pay attention to are Tesla Inc. and Moderna Inc.

Everybody already knows about Tesla, and they are still showing profitable growth. The company has produced 82000 vehicles and has delivered around 90000 of them in the second quartile of 2020. If there ever were a safe bet – this would be the one

Moderna Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on RNA therapeutics and vaccines. The company announced on September 22 that the Canadian government also had confirmed an order for 20 million doses of mRNA – 123, a COVID 19 vaccine. Understanding these rules is now easy to check and see what other stocks might be attractive to you as an investor. You should never be forced to buy stocks, especially while the pandemic is raging, but if you see it as an opportunity, you could be making money with our above guide.

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