8 Organizing Tips for a Memorable Bucks Party

bucks party

Getting married is a major lifestyle change. If you’re headed to the altar or have a good friend who is going there, you’ll want to give them a great send off. A well done Bucks party Sydney will make everyone happy. Get the details in advance and everyone will have a wonderful time.

A Fabulous Location

One of the first things is to line up a fabulous location. This could be a nice bar or terrific restaurant. It could also be a series of places. You might want to start in one place like your favorite cafe for nice nibble. Then you have people hit other places such as a few bars and a dance floor. The goal is to find things that everyone is going to enjoy as the party starts and once it continues.

Arranging Transport

Arranging transport is another crucial thing to get done well in advance. You want to make sure that everyone knows how to get to the first destination and then has access to any further places. Consider hiring a limo or even a bus on hand to accommodate all the members of the stag party. Keep in mind Sydney has excellent public transport networks. That will make it easier for members of the stag party to get places.

Great Food

You’re going to want to have a menu that everyone can appreciate. Think about your favorite foods or your friend’s favorite things to eat. This is the time to consider their tastes. If they’re into burgers, find a burger joint. If they really like Thai or Chinese food, now is the time to bring on that menu. You can opt to serve this at your home, hire a catering hall or just head to your favorite restaurants. A large party might need advance reservations so call well ahead.

The Drinks

A nice round of mixed drinks is just the ticket to help everyone relax. You can opt for a bar or make drinks at your home or your chosen location. Think about common types of drinks that your friends really like. Maybe they’re really into beer or they like hard cider. You want to have as many options as possible on hand for people to imbibe. It’s a good idea to have a place where they can freely reach for drinks. A cooler filled with lots of ice makes it easy for party goers to find what they really want.

Get RSPV In Advance

Ask people to come to the party at least two weeks in advance. That allows people to decide if this is something they can attend. You want to have the guest list well in hand before you start. Some people might not show up or others might come along with a friend. Allow for at least five to ten more people than expected.

Provide a List

If you’re going to have more than one destination on hand, you need everyone in your party to know this before you begin. Setting up a social media page can help. People can locate where they need to be and when. Posting detailed information such as how long you intend to be at each site can help everyone have a good time. Some people might want to be there for the whole evening while others stay for an hour or two. A good site lets them make such choices.

The Entertainment

Entertainment is something that can really take your party to the next level. This can take many forms. You might hit a few of the hottest dance clubs in Sydney or have someone come to the party. Everything should be done at least a few days before the start of the bucks party.

A Backup Plan

While everything should ideally flow totally smoothly, sometimes it does not. This is why you want to have backup plans in place. If the catering hall can’t do the date you have in mind, you should contact others. A place to head for drinks might be temporarily closed. Get a list of possibilities on hand as soon as you start making bucks party plans.

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