Tips for protecting wood furniture from UV damage

What kind of furniture you should use for outdoor placement depends on two factors – your taste and style that affects the choice of furniture material and the extent of weather exposure that the furniture is likely to receive. The weather elements impact all kinds of furniture materials without any exception, which is the reason for using furniture cover that can protect it and prolong its life while retaining its appeal. However, if you incline using wood furniture, outdoor or indoor, you must protect it from UV light. Remember that even the mild sunrays that kiss the indoor furniture for some hours can be as bad as leaving it outside under the open sky. While you can use outdoor table cover and remove the chairs to protect it from sun exposure when placed outdoors, it is not possible indoor.

How you can avoid UV damage to indoor furniture will become clear on going through this article.

Use curtains

It is good to ensure the entry of natural light into your home, but be careful to prevent direct sunlight’s entry. It can damage the furniture if it falls upon it for a long time—UV rays in sunlight damage all kinds of furniture materials. To protect wood furniture from sun exposure, use curtains on the windows and other openings through which considerable light can enter the home. Decorative curtains will spice up space and diffuse the sunlight, thereby preventing UV rays from damaging the furniture.

Window films

Your favorite walnut coffee table might be at risk if it receives sunlight at any hour of the day. To maintain its good looks and protect it from the harmful UV rays of sunlight, you can use sun film on the windowpanes. The sun film material can effectively block the harmful UV rays from entering your home that will reject the solar heat by creating a protective layer. The added protection will protect your wood furniture from fading.

Coating on wood

Sometimes neither of the above may be suitable for your home. In such situations, when you do not want to alter your home’s aspect, there is another way to protect your furniture by addressing the root cause of the problem. Using wood coatings is an excellent way to protect wood surfaces from moisture, mildew and mold, UV rays, and dry climate. By applying some simple treatment to wood furniture, you can ensure that it looks as good as ever.

Furniture placement

Whether you place the furniture indoor or outdoor, the safest way to ensure complete protection from UV rays is to focus on furniture placement. Rearrange the furniture to keep it away from sunlight. Move the furniture to a place where sunlight cannot reach but still receives enough natural light to create a bright ambiance.

When you are using wood furniture on the patio or deck, it needs all-round protection from the sun and rain and snow for which even if the furniture stays in the shade, it will still require covers.

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