Top 5 Suggestions for New Bloggers

As a blogger of all the activities you do, what makes your blog stand apart is the honest subscribers. And this happens when you have top notch content. Something for which the readers wait and crave to read.

So, what does it take to maintain a blog site like that with genuine readers? In this post, we will give you 5 tips to follow that will surely ease your load of getting returning readers.

Give away your knowledge

Apart from a proper strategy and the right audience, a successful blog needs an interesting read. Whatever niche you’re writing under, make sure you have passion and knowledge about it so that you can share your knowledge with your audience. The more knowledge you share, the more visitor you are bound to receive.

Always remember: “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”

Build your email list

Don’t stop aspiring after your blog is doing okay. If you are thinking greater than that, it’s time to build your email list using Klean Leads. Statistics say that your blog links are 6x more times likely to be clicked on from email marketing than from any other social media. Also keep a track of the insights. An investment into a good email marketing campaign tool will help you do so. You can track, which of your subscriber is a true fan.

Give away free goodies

See, all four words on this subheading are tempting. Who doesn’t like goodies, and especially when it’s free? This is what you should use to your advantage. Giving away free goodies is a way you can drive a lot of traffic for your blog in a very short time. You can even talk about this activity in your blog. If you own a video blog, the receiver can share the gift unboxing video which you can share on your blog.

Don’t forget the call to action

A call to action is impartial for a blog because it generates lead and attracts new audiences. Add enough call to action buttons and links in your blog but be smart with it, so that the audience feels prompted to take the action you are calling for when they finish reading your blog.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

To be a successful blogger, make sure you collaborate with other bloggers. It’s a way that bloggers can share their fan base. It also helps if two bloggers understand their journey and share tips about the blogging world as well-wishers. This one is a smart way to get popular in less time. When you tie-up with other, they too do their bit of promotion to about your blog and content. So, collaborations must keep happening.

Our Take

While these are just a few tips, we think these help you kick start. We wish someone had told us these suggestions when we were starting our blog. We will keep adding more such informative content for you. Keep coming back for more on


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