Top tips for using holographic stickers for your business

Top tips for using holographic stickers for your business

Have you recently discovered holographic stickers and want to use them for your new business or established brand? Or maybe you’ve never heard about them and are here to find out all about them.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to explain exactly what holographic stickers are and to give you some tips when using holographic stickers for your business.

So let’s get stuck in.

Holographic stickers – what are they?

We find it’s best to explain using an image. Here’s an example:

A holographic sticker gets printed on rainbow effect material. This effect can make the colors in your design look metallic, allowing you to create some beautiful special effects. It gives such a high-end, premium feel to your sticker.

Now you know what a holographic sticker is, here are some tips for using them in your business.

Drive growth with them

If you don’t already include stickers in your marketing, we highly recommend starting now! Here’s why.

Stickers are a low cost which means they’re also low risk. Lowing risk makes it easy to test & iterate how you use them, increasing your chances of high ROIs.

Stickers also have this incredible uniqueness where they are often seen as a gift. If you give customers or influencers holographic stickers in the right circumstances, they are likely to be seen as gifts. Gift-giving is so powerful because of psychology’s rule of reciprocity. It states when someone receives a gift; they want to return the favor. This can mean making a purchase or something else.

Add holographic stickers to your products

There are two takes on this point.

Firstly, you can add a couple of stickers to your box with your product. Apple is the master of this. Adding stickers helps to get your brand in the hands of your most loyal fans. And as they’re such low cost, this is an excellent way of getting your brand seen repeatedly.

Secondly, you can physically stick holographic stickers to your product. The premium effects can be used to create product scarcity or a limited edition run.

Here’s a great example of a die-cut sticker being used to show the customer how rare this product is:

Add holographic stickers to your products

Power up your company merch

Looking after employees, making them feel welcome on their first day, and loved on their 5th year with the company is more important than ever. The competition of high-flyers is getting harder & harder, so you and your HR team need to find new possibilities of driving engagement.

Why not allow your employees to proudly represent your brand wherever they are by adding some awesome holographic sticker to your company stash.

They’re so much cheaper than buying expensive water bottles or hoodies and can look incredible.
And that’s it! We hope you’ve found these tips helpful in using stickers in your business. We’ve enjoyed sharing these ideas with you. If you have any questions, please get in touch in the comments below.

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