Underground Slab Leaks and Video Inspection Services

Water damage can cause a very big problem, especially leakage. You might think that a small leakage cannot really do much damage, but that’s where you go wrong. Because not every time a leak is visible to your eyes, sometimes there might be an internal leak like for example if an underground slab starts leaking. And since it is underground it will be very difficult to find the actual root of the leakage. But do not worry because there are many slab leak repair service that use video inspection to detect the leakage without having to interfere with the actual underground pipelines of your house.

But what exactly is a slab leak? Well, a slab leak in really simple words means that a water pipe which is laid out under your house to supply it with water either breaks, cracks, bursts or just starts leaking. And whenever that happens one will have to get it fixed by a water leak repair companies as soon as possible. And that is because even a small leak can cause bigger problems in your house like it could erode as well as decay the walls as well as the foundation of your house or it could even rot wood, accumulate ants and termites or ruin your flooring, and can even help mould grow, which can be then really harmful not only four your house but also harmful for your own health.

Be as we noted earlier that slab leaks are not visible so how do we know that there is a leak?

Here are some signs that you could look for to detect a possible slab leak in your house. But do not worry about it too much since there are many residents fully dependent on and they also offer 24/7 service.

  1. Sound of water underneath the floor

If you suddenly start hearing the sound of water running from any specific part of the house or any room in general and none of the taps in the house is running then it might be a very good time for you to look up ‘top water damage restoration San Diego’ on your search engine and find a professional plumber because there is definitely a leakage or even worse a broken water pipe in your house.

  1. Wet floor

If you suddenly find that there is mildew, or you spot that either your floor or your carpet is getting wet randomly without any reason then that is a sign that you are having a slab leakage problem.

  1. Cracks on floor or walls

If you start finding random cracks on either the floor or the walls, or both then there are a very high chances that it is caused by water damage and you should get a professional plumber to look for leakage. Most preferably by using video inspection because it is non-intrusive and would not require much time or effort.

  1. High water bills

If you find a sudden and drastic raise in your water bill then you should find a professional to look for water damage. Because there might be a leakage that is causing your water bill to go up drastically.

Now you might have noticed that we have talked quite a bit about video inspection service but how exactly does it work, let up see.

Science has evolved vey much over the past few decades, earlier there were no easy methods to search for leakage, and hence the plumbers back then had to dig up the pipes from under your house to look for potential leakage. Now when you think of or even listen to such kinds of methods you will be terrified to use them. Hence today we have video inspection service, for this you will have to seek help from professional plumbers who has all the equipment to find the leakage. This is also how you can go for water damage restoration San Diego.

 So, once you think that there is a potential leakage and you call a professional plumber to look into the problem. The plumbers come in with small cameras which they then insert it into the pipes, now these cameras are really small and at the same time very flexible so they can travel through even the deepest bends inside the pipes, along with its flexibility it is also intensely waterproof because of which it can survive within the water pipes. Attached to the cameras are a monitor which projects the live video from the camera inside the pipes, this basically means that the plumbers as well as you can clearly see what is inside the pipes. Now to find the exact location of the leakage the plumber moves the camera around to spot the problem.

The video inspection method is hence the easiest and the best way to detect water leakage, as it also reduces time as well as effort and as mentioned above it is a non-intrusive way to find the leakage as the plumbers will not have to dig out ever water pipe to look for a water leakage. And once the water leakage is found it will be a whole lot simpler for the plumbers to fix it.



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